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Six Questions You Should ask Your Divorce Attorney

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Don't Know What to Ask a Divorce Attorney Upon Meeting Them?

Here Are 6 Important Questions to Get You Started!

Take a list of questions to the divorce attorney’s office and check off the questions as you ask them.  Note closely the divorce attorney answers. Below are 6 great questions to ask an attorney when you first meet him or her.

  1. What do you think of my case?
  2. Why should I hire you versus any other divorce attorney I could hire for my case? Find out what makes them unique to handle your case. At Jack’s Law Office, we believe that any divorce attorney can give you an OK legal answer-but here we will coach you every step of the way we will see you through a thick and thin-and walk, run or sprint (or push) you across the finish line and get you to a better place. Our real goal at Jack’s Law Office is to help you change your life for the better.
  3. Attorney Fees – How do you charge? What is a retainer and how does it work? When do you do billing?
  4. Do you have any written materials or videos that I can educate myself on the divorce process? Have you written any publications regarding divorce?  When lawyers write publications and consumer books regarding divorce, it is an indication that they have a good grasp on this area of law and, most likely, that they also have quite a bit of experience and are interested in educating you about the process. With today’s technology and the internet, there should be no excuse why you should not be able to learn a ton about the process yourself-at your convenience and on your time.
  5. What are your office Procedures?
  6. What is next?


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