FAQ About Divorce in Ohio | Answers to Divorce Questions

What about college, who pays for that?
The court cannot force parents to pay for college expenses. However, parents can agree between each other to pay support beyond the age of 18 and or to pay for college expenses.
Can the court help with marriage problems before getting a divorce?
How does my spouse find out about the divorce?
What are the different forms of payments for an Attorney?
Why does an attorney want to be paid a retainer fee?
How does a contingency fee work?
Can I use a mediator instead of an attorney?
Will filing for divorce “wake my spouse up”?
Is divorce easy?
How do I manage money? How can I learn to do this? I’ve never done it before.
Will I ever be able to own a home again if we have to sell our current home because of divorce?
Will the status of my finances in the future change?
What do I consider important when selling our house because we’re getting divorced?
What to do when I’m trying to sell my home but the market is slow or weak?
When we file for divorce, does my husband still have to put income into our joint bank account until the divorce is over?
Can we both use the same lawyer?
What does it mean to say the case was uncontested?

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