Traditional Divorce Versus Mediation

divorce mediation

A divorce that we think of as “traditional” involves both parties separately hiring their attorneys to represent their best interests. This often happ...
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Adoption in Ohio: A Comprehensive Guide
Adoption spelled in colorful magnets

Adopting a child is rewarding. Unfortunately, it can also be time-consuming and confusing.This guide will make it easier to understand the process.&nb...
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What is a Separation Agreement?
property division

Q: What is a Separation Agreement?Any couple going through dissolution in Ohio is required to have a Separation Agreement. This is essentially a legal...
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Cleveland Browns and Jack Going to Analytics in 2016
PointsPeak Marketing
Football Helment
Christmas Family Photo

It has been an exciting and record-breaking 2015 for me and as the owner of Jack's Law Office (and quite the contrary for my beloved Cleveland Browns)...
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What is a Legal Separation and What are the Main Benefits?
Divorcing Couple Broken Heart Puzzle
Divorce Sign

When it comes to ending a relationship, the word “separation” can be a confusing term.While there are many different types of informal separations, th...
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Divorce Hearing No Show: What Happens if You or Your Spouse Don't Show Up?
gavel and rings
Some people do allow their divorce to proceed without their participation. Reasons include apathy, guilt, fear, depression or because they are attempt...
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Quick Tips About Divorce Jurisdiction in Ohio
 In Ohio, the court that handles divorce and dissolution cases is the Court of Common Pleas which is located in each county. This means a particu...
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What's the CSEA?
Parents have a responsibility to support their children. Obtaining child support is important for many reasons, which is why the Child Support Enforce...
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7 Signs You May be in an Emotional Affair and How to End It
emotional affair
Emotional Affair man woman


Even if you are married or in a committed romantic relationship, you still need to have other relationships in your life. Usually, these relationships...
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What to do When Your Child Refuses to Visit the Other Parent
visit kids dad
mother daughter field
teddy bear girl

dad asks daughter
mother son talk
group of teens on ground
teen angst
dad friendly visit
girls share
happy coparents daughter

You spent a long time getting your shared parenting plan hammered out so that both you and your ex were satisfied with it.Or maybe you had a protracte...
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grandparents with grandchildren
gavel and scales
grandad granchild
grandparent baby
The Changing Role of Grandparents in America"Today in America, approximately 5.8 million children live in homes where the grandparents are the homeown...
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woman documents
My attorney says I need to be available for depositions. What does that mean? A deposition is an interview under oath that takes place outside of cour...
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8 Signs You Might be Having an Emotional Affair

Warning Signs You Are in an Emotional Affair

Most monogamous couples would agree that having an intimate relationship with another person qualifies as adultery. If you ask those same individuals how they define “intimate relationship,” they probably would say a physical affair.

However, it is possible to be unfaithful to your spouse without physically touching another person. You may be guilty of an emotional affair if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions.

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What is a Guardian ad Litem? [Video]

What is a Guardian ad Litem? Has a Guardian ad Litem been appointed in your child custody case? What is the definititon of Guardian ad Litem? Ohio Fam...
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How a Subpoena Can Change Child Support [Video]

Do you need more child support? Do you suspect that your spouse may be hiding money from you? Can you increase your child support?Jack is an Ohio fami...
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I'm a Single Mother and the State Took My Kids [Video]

Ohio divorce lawyer Jack Carney-DeBord describes a case where he represented a single mother who had been threatened by the state about custody of her...
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What is a Magistrate? [Video]

In the state of Ohio, Judges or magistrates hear cases. What is the difference between the two? What is a magistrate? Ohio divorce lawyer Jack Carney-...
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It is very important to not rush to introduce your new boyfriend or girlfriend to your kids. Even if your new significant other has kids, just be pati...
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All You Need To Know About Same Sex Marriage In Ohio
ssa benefits
legal gray areas ssa

ssa adoption
gender neutral language
birth certificate
kids support custody visitation
prenup ssa
lost duration
family diversity

Ohio has a mixed history on the matter of same-sex marriage.In 2004, Ohio banned same-sex marriage via an amendment to the state constitution.In 2013,...
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Signs That Will Make You Realize You're in a Bad Marriage
avoiding home
flirting woman
bored couple
Get help with your divorce
verbal abuse
suspicious glance
nightmare marriage
contact jack now
When a marriage is good, it can be a tremendous blessing. A good marriage provides you with a consistent source of happiness and a sense of fulfillmen...
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