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Jack's Law Office
Jack's Law Office

4.9 out of 5 stars


5 out of 5 stars

posted a month ago

Jack is a wonderful attorney who helped me get through a long and difficult custody case. The opposing party was very difficult to deal with but Jack...

Janet Karper

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Jack was instrumental in turning a difficult situation into a more reasonable outcome. He was always very easy to reach (even while he was on...

Melissa Burgess

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Jack was extremely helpful when it came to my custody case. He knew exactly what needed done to help do whats in the best interest for my daughter....

Sally Croce

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

A great mix of expertise, straightforward business, and personalized care. Never rushed, always heard what I was saying, very timely responses every...

Wendy Wright

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Jack really knows his legal crafts. You can't find a better lawyer in my opinion. He understood my file and took care of everything in such a timely...

Jack handled my custody case in Delaware. He did a great job. 10 out of 10. He fought for me to be the sole custodial parent-and won. He was always there for me and he helped tremendously because I was clueless. This means a lot to me-my kids are the world to me. The trial was very stressful, Jack always knew what to do and he explained everything. Jack’s Law Office changed my life and I would recommend Jack. In fact, I already have.

Randy W.

Delaware, OH

I give Jack a “10” on my dissolution in Morrow County. His service was always between good and great. I definitely recommend him to others.

Rhonda M.

they handled my divorce. They went out of their way to make a bad situation less painful. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a lawyer in Central Ohio to use Jack’s Law Office.

Gregory M.

Lewis Center, OH - Yelp Review

with the services I received at Jack’s Law Office. From my first visit, to my final hearing, they were so attentive to my needs. Jack always took the time to make sure I understood the documents and the process of my dissolution. Never once did I feel like my questions weren’t answered. He even took the time to talk to me during rough patches of my dissolution and I felt like he was a friend listening to my problems. Everyone in the office were wonderful and I would recommend Jack’s Law Office to anyone looking for an informed, attentive and caring lawyer.

Amy L.

Hilliard, OH

Jack did my dissolution in Morrow County. He and his staff were great. They listened to me always. I felt comfortable from day one. This was a 10 out of 10 on the importance scale for me. I was tired of the negativity and can truly say I am happy. Jack made my life better.

Stephanie V.

I chose Jack as my divorce lawyer after extensively researching family law firms in the Newark / Granville area. It was my first experience ever needing a lawyer. While going through a divorce is never a good or pain-free experience, I felt that Jack was empowering, informative, and responsive every step of the journey. One of his biggest strengths is to put everything in plain language that I could understand. He was easy to approach when there were bumps in the road, and was excellent when it came to non-traditional thinking in tough situations. I would definitely recommend Jack and give him a “10” out of “10”-with 10 being the highest. The expectations and advice he gave me from the start were exactly what I got in the end.

April Wilson

Granville Ohio

Jack handled my out-of state custody case. It was complicated. The impact on our life has been huge. You see, our son was living in Kentucky and we had to go back and forth for years dealing with it. The Grandparents had custody from the Mother because the Mother had drug issues. Jack got all the paperwork done and we kept our fingers crossed that everything could work right here in Delaware court system. It did. That was huge. Jack is a good lawyer, he does not mess around and very timely .We give Jack a 10. Good job.

Clarissa and Adam Acord

Delaware, Ohio

I hired Jack to learn about my options as a woman potentially desiring a divorce. Jack educated me in the area of Family Law. Even though we were talking about difficult topics, my experience with Jack’s law office was fantastic. Jack’s staff was wonderful, comforting and kind, and these qualities are so vital in support staff when a client is upset and in a state of grief. Jack himself was extremely compassionate, understanding, and intelligent: he listened to my every word and “got” me and my situation right from our first conversation. As we worked together further, he empowered me with information and, in fact, with a stronger sense of my own self-worth. He gave me sage advice, and I am very happy with his service. I highly recommend Jack’s services; they were well worth the money.

Nancy G.

Columbus, Ohio

Jack was my dissolution attorney for my Fairfield County case. He was very thorough; walked me thru everything, was very responsive, and yes I would very much recommend him. His office was “all over my case.

Tara F. Pickerington

I hired Jack for my post decree case. I was charged with contempt and I was really concerned as my divorce was 5 years ago. We went thru the case and ended up going to trial. I was a nervous wreck. Amazingly we just got the decision after waiting forever and we won on just about everything. I was overwhelmingly pleased. I give Jack a 10 out of 10 because he was able to do all the things my previous attorneys did not and I had a very bad taste in my mouth about attorneys. Jack understood the system and dug in and understood what was important to me. I absolutely recommend Jack. My needs came first.

Jeff M.

Delaware, Ohio

I had a Custody, child support and contempt case with Jack as my attorney in Delaware. Jack was my second attorney and I was not happy to say the least with the first. Jack communicated great. He did a way better job than my previous two attorneys (the other was the divorce attorney who left me with a big mess that Jack cleaned up). He educated me through out the process, he prepared me well for court and negotiations by spending lots of time with me personally. He got me the result I wanted and I am thrilled. Also, I paid him on his 3 payment plan and it was way better than the billable hour. I knew exactly the cost and when I had to pay and when it came to court I was not worried about how much this was going to cost or if I could afford to take the case to trial. And, I was not afraid to call him like my other attorneys who billed for every phone call. He was a 10 in my book and I would happily refer him to others. He was the only attorney who I truly felt was on my side and he definitely got me to a better place.


Pataskala, Ohio

Jack got me a better deal than I thought I could get. We worked through the case together and it was not easy. His staff was right on it and very professional. I will return to him if I need and I will refer him cases. I love the guy.

Phil H.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack did a great job for me. He did exactly what he said he would do. He met my goals for the case. I would recommend Jack.

Jennifer A.

Mansfield, Ohio

Professional, timely, attention to my needs, very proficient is how I describe Jack. He got me to a better place by getting it done. Good follow up and wonderful communication system. I have already recommended Jack to 3 people.

Susannna K.

Sunbury, Ohio

I would definitely recommend Jack. He did a fantastic job. Jack treated me with respect and as a human being rather than just a case. His communication was very good. He came highly recommended and I am glad I called Jack.

Nicolas R.

Westerville, Ohio

Jack did a great job representing me in my Dissolution in Delaware County. I would recommend Jack to anyone who needs legal assistance. Jack will work with your concerns in mind first but knows the legal system very well in all his experience. We were able to work with a private judge for very little cost in order to finalize our Dissolution. Finally, Jack is not only very professional but also personable and pleasant to work with.

Nathan D.

Where to begin. We had known for a very long time that my husband was going to adopt our girls. The question was how, when and with what attorney. I had originally met with a different attorney a while back and just did not "click" with him. I googled attorneys names and Jacks office was the first I came across. I called on a night after work, so sometime after 5. To my surprise Jack himself answered the phone, he does have receptionist but their office was closed as well. To me that was important because had he not answer like I told him, I would have called the next. But, he answered, after hours and spent an easy 10 minutes with me on the phone. We set up an in person meeting. That meeting was 100$ but if we chose Jack it went forwards our case. I'm the kind of person that I have to "click" with someone to work with them. I don't know what it was about Jack (yes I do) but I knew he was the guy we needed and wanted. He was very honest and upfront with us. (Not to mention he gave me chocolate, it was near Valentine's Day) He ALWAYS told us "there will be bumps in the road but we will get over them." Boy was he right. We filed for the adoption and were all surprised by the contestment that came from their "donor" as we refer to him. We dealt with that. Jack did everything he needed to do to make sure we were lined up and ready for battle. Our initial court date was 9/9/15. The morning of court Jack had called me to tell me the judge called him and court had been continued. They did not get the transfer request in soon enough to transport the biological father (he is currently in prison) I took the phone call the best I could, I was very emotional. The one thing Jack kept saying was "like I said there will be bumps, we will get through them" Jack called me later that day to make sure me and my family were okay. We got another court date. Life went on for 6 weeks with Jack checking in to make sure we were still doing okay. We met before court on 10/14/15. Jack was pumped up! We were ready to go. We go into court, I was a nervous wreck. He managed to tell my husband and myself how nice we looked! We walked into the court room. We started the case and it took a turn that we were not expecting BUT let me tell you, Jack was ready to go, he switched folders and he nailed this case for us. He crossed every bridge every path every obstacle that could have came out of anything... He was prepared. I could not have been more proud of the attorney we had chosen for this. When everything was over, the judge granted the adoption, Jack was just like part of the family! He was so excited, to him this is more then a job, he loves and enjoys what he does and he makes it so obvious! My husband started crying during testimony and Jack slid the tissues over and put his hand on his back to make sure he was okay! We met up for dinner that night, he brought our girls Halloween baskets, earlier in the year he had surprised them with Easter baskets! He got our girls Halloween socks and before we were out of the parking lot, they had them on! We went to dinner and he was celebrating with us! We could never thank him enough for what he did for our family. He made us a legal family, gave our children a father that no one could take away! He called to check on us today, to see how the "new family" was. Even after his job is "done" he is still checking in! He is truly a wonderful guy! He told us from the beginning what we would be looking at financially. We paid what we had thought would be all, then the contestment came through. Jack gave us the option to "pay by the hour" or we could pay a flat fee. That flat fee included everything. Emails, phone calls, meetings, research, court.. It didn't matter what needed to be done, it was done. We did not have to worry about emailing or calling to much because we weren't "stuck" we paid an honest good amount for making our family "whole" and did not have to worry one bit about running out of money, or being told the day before court we needed to fork out x amount of Jack couldn't represent us. It was very nice to have that payment option! If you are looking for an attorney for anything, and want someone who is going o be great, loyal, caring, and honest I promise you, Jack will not let you down! He represented us, he won for us, he cared about us, he was always there for us! I'd bet on him for anything!! Thank you so much Jack for making my family whole, we will never in our entire life time forget you or what you had done for our family!

Kacy W.

Delaware, OH

I had Jack for my Post Decree case in Delaware. Best attorney experience I have had and very professional. Jack did an amazing job and documented everything. Hopefully I don't need to use Jack again, but would highly recommend him to everybody. I gave Jack a 10 out of 10 in the Document, Negotiation and Trial Preparation phases of the case.

Colin M.

Delaware, OH

Jack was better than my last attorney. He moved it along and expedited it as much as he could. He did a good job, good result. Licking Co. divorce case.

James G.

Columbus, Ohio

My wife and I went to Jack so I could adopt her kids who I had raised since they were babies. We figured it should be an easy case but with the court system it is never that easy. It was a very stressful process but Jack helped ease our mind. He worked hard to make sure we were prepared and ready for any situation that may come up. This was important because we went into court thinking one thing but it went another way. Even though it didn't go how we thought Jack was prepared along with us and we got the adoption done and we couldn't be happier. Lawyers are expensive and it can be very stressful trying to figure out how much the process is going to cost or how long it will take. Jack took that stress away by giving us different options on payments and broke down different possibilities on how the process would go. I was very pleased with Jack and I would and do recommend him.

Zach W.

Jack was my attorney for my Delaware Custody/Visitation case. Jack was professional, on time, and got me a great result. He was 100% effective because we got everything we sought out to get. I have recommended Jack and he helped me get to a better place.

Ed B.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack was our attorney for a Custody case in Mt. Vernon. He was professional, very calm (and there was nothing calm about the case) but really showed he cared. Awesome communication any time we needed him, even on weekends and holidays. Jack always had our best interests in mind. I would recommend Jack as we won the case and our kids are in a better place. He stuck with us until the very end and was worth the cost. We rated Jack's Law Office on a 5 with 5 being the best.

Josh P. and Rachel M.


I found Jack on the internet for my Divorce case. Jack went toe to toe with the other attorney and never backed down. He fought for what I wanted. My expectations were met. I give Jack a 4 out of 5. His rates were fair and my expectations met.

Jeff L.

Marion, Ohio

Several years ago I was searching for an attorney for legal advice reguarding an upcoming adoption case. I have two children with my ex. She had recently got remarried and had two more children in addition to the two we had. Together, they decided that their new step father would adopt them. The problem with this concept was my children at the time were ages 12 and 9. Now back to the point. My adoption trial was located in Delaware County so I was looking for a family law attorney familiar with Delaware. I hit the jackpot with Jack and from the 1st day I met him Jack Carney-DeBord changed my life. Right away he made sure I was comfortable and understood the sobering truth of what could happen if I lost my case. I should also mention, I suffer from severe social anxiety too! That means a lot to someone who is not comfortable around strangers, trust me. I was a nervous wreck thinking of even the possibility of losing my children. Jack could tell right away how much my kids meant to me and decided to represent me. He got to work right away filing at the court and all his attorney magic he does. Several months later (15 to be exact), Jack was still there by my side after all that time we finally finished the trial. The judge had reviewed the case and made a decision. I got a phone call around 7pm from Jack asking us to meet him. Not even a hint at all why. Jack handed me an envelope and looked at me in the eye and shook my world with two little words, "we won". I know after 15 months Jack wanted to call and scream that at me but even in winning he showed such class to invite me to tell me in person and not on the phone. I will never forget that. Jack changed my life, my children's lives and all my family's. I could write you four pages why you should have Jack represent you and the impact he has had on my life. I think to sum it up though, it's very rare to find an attorney who genuinely CARES for his clients and their lives like Jack does.

Kevin Wood

Columbus, Ohio

Great job. I got Jack's office from the internet. Backed me up 100%, could not have asked for a better attorney. Amazed. Did not leave me hanging. My needs came first. Wonderful attorney. Communication was great. He did explain everything that I did not understand. I would recommend Jack because he was very helpful. He trusted me and believed in me. Jack is someone that respected me and helped fight for me and calmed me down. He got me thru my tears and fears. Morrow County, Divorce case

Sheila T.

Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Jack Carney-DeBord is a lawyer that immediately gained my trust because he showed a sincere interest about my situation, after my divorce I had been dealing with several issues with my ex-husband, I found myself overwhelmed and I did not know what to do with my case, at some point I believed that I could represent myself but I found out the hard way that I need a "real lawyer" to take care of my case. I enjoyed working with Jack because he gave me peace of mind, he was available to answer to all my questions and concerns, he treated me with respect and compassion, he reviewed all my options and he was honest and went above and beyond for me. I can not describe how grateful I am for finding in Jack a person who was willing to fight for me until the end. I had been dealing with court issues with my ex husband for years and having Jack at my side always gives me peace of mind and most important I know that when he is my lawyer I always WIN. I recommend Jack a 100%, it is very hard to find a lawyer who really cares and he is a good man, Jack has a good heart and he is patient and kind. I appreciate all his hard work and dedication and he is a person that I recommend to all my friends and family, he truly is the best!

Martha E.

Powell, Ohio

I hired Jack for my Dissolution case in Morrow County. I got his name thru the Hyatt Legal Plan. Jack's process and assistance were well received and overall went smooth and without headache. I give Jack a 9 out of 10. The private judge was convenient.

Ron S.

Mt. Gilead

My expectations were met. I was taken aback by Jack's dedication, and commitment to the case and I felt he took my position passionately. It was not a 9 to 5 gig. He has family as well. I graded Jack as a 10 with highest being 10. I put Jack on the hotseat with a short time frame. We worked together and figured it out. I would not have had the same experience with another attorney. What I put on his plate was really high-yet we worked together and got it done. Great job communicating. Thorough understanding. Not surprised. Follow his advice and he wont lead you astray.

Brian M.

Delaware, OH

Jack represented me for my Dissolution. I appreciated the fee structure-flat fee. Jack's was very timely and an excellent communicator. I will refer to others his services. Jack made the process smooth and allowed me to move on with my life quicker. I loved the private judge and it was well worth it.

Leslie D.

Columbus, OH

Jack represented me on a CPO in Delaware. He did a great job and got it dismissed. I was amazed at how personal and tough he was. I felt he represented my interests. He went out of his way to help me with another domestic matter while he was in court getting the CPO dismissed. Thanks for going above and beyond. I'm glad I hired you.

David D.

Delaware, OH

Jack represented me on my Divorce case in Delaware County, it was stressful and overwhelming. It was my first experience with an attorney and I must say it went well. Jack and I were very prepared. I especially liked the late Sunday meeting before the trial for planning. Jack said to me that the first thing he wanted to tell me was that this was not going to be like TV, that the court does not decide at the end of the case. At first I was shocked but that is exactly what happened. That meeting was very beneficial. The trial was very stressful. What impressed me was how composed and cordial Jack was and how he treated everyone including my ex with respect and especially towards the Magistrate. Kill them with kindness was apparent. And the good news was the result. I won. Everything we asked for that was beneficial to me, we got. I give Jack a 5 out of 5 with 5 being the best.

Keli A.

Columbus, Ohio

I heard about Second Saturday through my church because I was going through a separation and I had all kinds of questions that where going through my mind so my pastor told me I should attend this free workshop. I was really concerned legally because my EX is not much of a rational person. I’m so happy I went, the workshop not only answered most of my questions I had on legal issues but helped me to gain some very valuable information emotionally, and financially. The workshop gave me great information on things I never even thought or considered I might have to deal with. I was so impressed with Jack’s presentation, knowledge and compassion from the workshop that I went and saw him on Monday to see what could be done about mu current situation and what I might have to deal with from a legal stand point in the future. Jack is very professional, honest and always has my best interest in mind. He is always quick to return my phone calls and emails, and never beats around the bush. He is 100% honest and straight forward with me about my case. Because of all these amazing qualities, I was able to put my mind at rest and to me this is priceless. I can’t thank Jack enough for the care, time, and honesty he gave me. I recommend attending a Second Saturday workshop and Jack Carney-Debord, as your legal counsel to anybody that is going through a divorce, separation or custody battle.

Angela G.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack was my attorney for my Divorce case in Delaware. He was honest and kept me informed. He cost controlled the process. I never felt surprised by anything in the process. He gave total attention when we met. I never felt rushed. Open communication. Jack told me what to expect every step of the way and was with me every step of the way. The value was his advice and coaching. The attorney fees were reasonable with a good process thru Judy. He is just a quality individual. I give Jack a 5 out of 5 and I have already referred him to another.

Dale M.

Delaware, Ohio

A friend who went through a bad divorce once said "it took so much to get married and even more to be unmarried." I never thought divorce would happen to me but it did. Nothing can prepare you for the pain and drawn out process. That is when you need attorney with experience and wisdom of Jack Carney-Debord. He was candid, honest, strategic. He understood the high, raw, negative emotions. He allowed these to play out by giving you a range of options. He will go the extra mile for you with clarity of purpose to ensure your rights are protected. You can expect a degree of professionalism worth more than you have bargained for. You will be severed by veteran jurist a class above his peers. It was great to have him on my corner. As hard as our divorce was, all parties settled on the best outcome. I highly recommend you consult with Jack before you settle your legal representation. Jack, thanks for your service and your friendship. Pedros Asgedom

Pedros Asgedom

Dublin, Ohio

Jack was professional and courteous, organized and thoughtful throughout the process. He made a difficult situation a little easier to handle.

Jaime F.

Columbus, OH

Jack was my Divorce attorney for my Newark Ohio case. Jack did a outstanding job for me to ensure my questions were answered and exceeded my expectations. He got the case done much sooner than I thought. He was informational. He was personal and friendly. He made a difficult situation smoother and more clear for me. I especially liked how he provided clarification and education regarding legal requirements and the court process. I would highly recommend him for any domestic issues.

Andrea K.

Newark, Ohio

Jack was my attorney for my Dissolution in Delaware. Everything was good and timely done. I wish I would have made contact with him a year earlier because I had an attorney friend first who was not a divorce attorney. Jack saved me time and aggravation. I would recommend Jack because the cost was reasonable (flat fee) and everything was done in a timely manner. I loved the private judge. His communication was quick. I found Jack on the internet by doing a search for Delaware attorneys.

Aaron M.

Delaware, Ohio

As out of state grandparents Jack thankfully took the time to discuss our child custody case over the phone. His advice was right on the money. I would recommend Jack to my family and friends for their legal needs. Thanks Jack!



Jack represented me in my divorce. One word that describes him is "Professional." Communication was timely and good. My needs definitely came first. Jack gave me a nice balance of meeting my needs with the expertise of what the legal system allows. Jack was definitely the expert on the case. He was my second attorney; the first took four months and I got nowhere. I do recommend Jack because the end result was what I needed and wanted and because he took the time to know me and help with all the many other areas that the case affected.

Cheryl M.

Lewis Center, Ohio

Jack handled my Dissolution with kids in Franklin Co. He was easy to work with, personable, responded quickly and what I especially appreciated he communicated off hours-and due to my schedule that was really important. I liked the private judge. The process went smooth although there was a lot to do. Jack was transparent from beginning to end and I would definitely recommend Jack. He did a good job.

Amanda B.

Columbus, OH

Jack handled my divorce case for me, and did an outstanding job. I came to him with a challenge because my husband is in the military and stationed in South Carolina. However, Jack never gave up, he did his research, made phone calls and figured out how to serve him papers. In the end he was able to get us a court date very last minute, and made the whole process easy. He was always there to answer questions, explain the process and made me feel included in the process and made sure I understood everything that was going on. I would most definitely recommend him to others, and appreciated all his work and determination. Thanks Jack!

Audrey M.

Lewis Center, OH

Jack represented me in my Licking County divorce. Jack had good reviews on the web and I found him thru his website. I was well informed. He was easy to work with. He explained difficult things and was very helpful. I always knew what was going on. My big fear was that I would be left in the dark and that never happened. I was well informed. I would recommend Jack because he knows his stuff and he made a difficult situation easy. I felt very prepared all the time. The result of the case was good or better than I even expected. Jack always showed he was genuinely concerned about me and my case.

Tim I.

Alexandria, Ohio

Jack represented me in my CPO and Divorce cases. A neighbor had said he was a good attorney and she was right. At the first meeting, I was a mess. We only had a few days to get ready for the CPO but we did, and it went really well as I got everything I wanted. Jack was great. I then got served with Divorce papers in Franklin County (which eventually was returned to Delaware County nine months later.) The divorce process was very tedious. I have no idea what I would have done without Jack because it was all so crazy and stressful all the time. Finally we settled the divorce months later and basically I got all the terms that I wanted. We then finalized everything in Delaware and it went really smooth. I would recommend Jack because he got what I asked fro and he helped me navigate and simplify the more complicated areas. I felt he was honest and even when he had to give me bad news. He was on target with what he said would happen and my expectations were met. In all the biggest value I got from Jack was my freedom-so much of my life had been controlled up until then.

Jessica R. I.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack was my attorney for my Delaware County Dissolution. I hired Jack from the internet and I wanted someone local in Delaware. My expectations were met because it was a smooth transaction and because of Jack's excellent communication and expertise. I researched on my own to see if I could do it myself-and learned that would have been a nightmare. I would definitely recommend Jack.

Jack J.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack was my attorney for my Dissolution. My Mother had researched him on the web and he was a very good choice. My case took a very long time and Jack was still there for me. Jack made me feel good that he would not just drop my case. I could trust him because I could tell he knew what he was doing. I also liked the flat fee upfront for attorney fees that way I did not have to worry about lawyer fees. I would recommend Jack because he cared about what he was doing and about me as it was not easy for me to go thru. I also could not believe the process could go that smoothly and easy-I guess Jack made it go that way.

Sarah S.

Delaware, Ohio

I hired Jack for my Dissolution in Fr. County. I found him thru Google. The case went great. Jack was amazing-easy to talk to and made me feel like family. The attorney fees were spelled out up front and there were no hidden costs. Jack keep me always informed and I got an even better result than I expected. I would recommend Jack.

Chris J.

Columbus, OH

Through my employment, I have access to Hyatt Legal and contacted them to find a lawyer in Delaware, rather than Marion, when my husband asked for a dissolution. I was very impressed when I first reached out to Jack for a telephone consultation. Initially, he would be assisting me with a dissolution, which became a legal separation. I visited his office and was very pleased with what he had to share, giving me direction and an understanding of the legal process. Jack reviewed the initial legal separation papers and together we were able to find wording to protect my interests. We addressed dividing 401Ks and pension benefits, along with division of personal assets, beneficiaries, spousal support, expenses and debts, and mutual release from marital duties. I went to Jack's office in Delaware and he followed up numerous times with telephone conferences and has been very supportive. His knowledge of the law is outstanding. I highly recommend Jack.

Patty Croman

Marion, OH

Jack represented me on my Dissolution in Delaware. I really liked the flat fee because I did not know what would happen with the case. We started with a Divorce and changed to Dissolution. He was very easy to communicate with. Once there was a big problem about the paperwork with my spouse and (while gone on vacation) he answered my questions and we solved the problem easily. Everything went smooth and quick. I have already recommended Jack to another.

Pam P.

Delaware, Ohio

Going through a divorce or disillusion can be a scary thing; so can finding the right attorney to represent you…but they don’t have to be. Talking to Jack about the law and your rights is like talking to a favorite uncle. My case was a fairly amicable disillusion, but even amicable cases entail a lot of paperwork. Jack walked me through everything and explained it in a way that made it easy to understand. He worked with me to come up with a plan that was fair and equitable for everyone involved. He was easy to get a hold of, returned calls and emails quickly, and was on top of things at all times. While no separation is painless, Jack made the process as pain-free as possible.

Mark B.

Delaware, Ohio

I came to Jack with zero understanding of the process required to get through a dissolution. I knew there was mountains of paperwork and complicated legal peculiarities I would face if I tried to go it alone. Jack broke everything down into easy to understand steps, laid out the time frame and dealt with the county legal system so I didn't have to. When all was said and done, my dissolution was completed in front of a private judge in a private office in about fifteen minutes. One warning, if you think you can handle the dissolution by yourself. My friend and her husband thought they could handle the dissolution by themselves. They are both two white-collar professionals. They turned in their packet of paperwork to the courts and thought they were good to go. Days later the paperwork was returned to them by the court clerk and told it was all wrong. Save yourself that aggravation- call Jack!

Ian S.

Delaware, Ohio

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