I thought everything went excellent. Jack was completely understanding and flexible. He was dedicated to doing the right thing for me. I loved the use of the private judge-it was 100 times better than going to the courthouse. Yes, I would refer Jack to others. I give him a 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest. Thanks Jack.

Shelby H.

Dublin, OH

Absolutely amazing. No one would have gone this far to help me as Jack did. My conversations with Jack were 25% about the case and 75% emotional support. He always asked me how I was. I knew he cared. He kept my husband at bay for more than a year to get my Dissolution done! I was doom and gloom and Jack assured me that brighter days were coming. We first met at the Delaware office and right away I felt at home. I give Jack a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I have already referred other people to Jack. Jack was pretty awesome. I feel great.

Jenny S.

Delaware, OH

I am very happy with my overall experience with Jack. He was able to break down different agreement options in order for them to work for both myself and the opposing party. I recommend and prefer his business arrangement compared to others, as he was available to talk or meet any time I needed, rather than multiple costly meetings.

Kelly K.

Delaware, OH

Jack was my attorney for my dissolution. He made the whole process painless. We made a timeline and a plan of action and we were able to complete the process before our deadline. Jack and his staff were friendly, knowledgeable and I cannot say enough positive about what could have been a very stressful experience. I would recommend Jack to anyone looking for an attorney.

Nicole V.

Croton, OH

Jack was my attorney for my Dissolution. Speed and accuracy beyond belief describes my experience. His staff was also outstanding. He was very professional and I would give him a 10 out of 10-great job. I would definitely recommend his services.

Jack O.

Heath, Ohio

Going through a dissolution or divorce is never something that anyone anticipates experiencing but sadly it occurs for many people. The process can be complex with various forms of paper work and meetings. While the stress of the process is tough to remove, Jack helped significantly with the complexity and explained, in detail, the various requirements, steps, and timeline for the process which helped make it as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend Jack for anyone going through the dissolution or divorce process.

Alex T.

Columbus, Ohio

I reached out to Jack sometime in 2017 because I ended up in a women's shelter for domestic violence and I felt like my life was coming to an end, after 22 years in an abusive marriage with a narcissist. The first time I met with Jack, the welcome I received was amazing. He had a cup of coffee ready for me and opened his door with a bright smiling face. He was patient with me during the intake and was thorough, which really impressed me. During the process of the dissolution, he would call to check on me periodically and was prompt in responding to all my emails. I was surprised that a couple of times I desperately needed some counsel and I emailed him around midnight, but he responded right back. The dissolution of my marriage is now final, and I am happy to say that I have now gained a friend called Jack!!!

Hannah A.

Columbus, Ohio

After three long years of fighting, struggling, unsuccessful and desperate beyond words in the Delaware county domestic courts first representing myself for a year as Pro-Se then forced verbally from a magistrate of the courts never to return without legal representation I desperately vulnerably turned my faith & fate in the hands of a top rated & highly recommended Delaware city high profile lawyer to only be misrepresented by zero legal counsel or communication, zero transparency, zero availability or guidance which resulted in a spiraling negative effect of undue chaos, lack of clarity and extreme anxiety personally for me and my children - And a loss of Hope......with faithful prayers & I believe divine intervention I was introduced to Jack. Against all olds - he took my case!! He believed in me - he believes in my story felt compassion for my case our unjustified trauma and began our fight for justice. The journey was uncertain but Jack was committed - fully available - transparent - compassionate always honest and willing to fight his best fight - fully invested in me & my children - he was prepared -he became our voice - we were finally being heard!! Thank God- Praise the Lord - in only 10 months with many hours invested - we won our appeal in the 5th Appellate Court of Appeals. Full custody was reverted back to me - my kids & I thank you Jack from the bottom of our hearts! We couldn't have done it without You...

Amy A.

Delaware, OH

Jack was my attorney for my dissolution. He was very helpful and patient as he led me through the dissolution process. Jack gave my case his full attention, even though I know he had several other cases to manage as well. He was professional, responded timely to my many questions, and was considerate of the sensitive emotions attached to a dissolution. I appreciated his kindness and expertise. I would recommend Jack to anyone who is in need of legal representation.

-Christine W.

Delaware Co, OH

I needed a legal expert who could give me good advice. My wife and I had recently decided to dissolve our marriage. At first I thought my situation would not require a lawyer. All the agreements are online. Why not save a few bucks and get on with it? My mindset quickly changed once I downloaded and read the “standard” agreements that my wife had begun to fill out. The language was confusing and seemed to leave me vulnerable, especially the stuff relating to custody of the kids. There’s got to be better way! So I called Jack. After our first meeting I felt relieved. Jack took his time to understand the situation, and listen to my biggest concerns. He answered some of my most burning questions, and methodically we began to lay out a plan. Walking out of Jack’s office that afternoon, I felt like I had already gotten more than my money’s worth. I had peace of mind knowing that there was a better way – Jack had shown me. Over the next several months Jack delivered. He was professional and responsive. He handled the details while never losing sight of the big picture. I really appreciated the patience he had answering my questions; his willingness to entertain any concerns I had about the choices we were making; and the perspective that only comes with years of experience. Bottom line, Jack was a pro. And I got the outcome that was best for my family.

James R.

Licking County, OH

Several years ago our daughter was offered a job out of the area in her Husbands home town and needed to renegotiate the custody arrangement for her oldest child with her ex-husband. Her brother-in-law was representing her and assured her there would be no problems and her child would move with her. That advice was very wrong. A few months later, her husband filed for divorce in his home county and she had to obtain counsel to handle the divorce and custody negotiations for her younger child. In addition, she was still trying to work out a better arrangement for her oldest child with another attorney. She had two attorneys supposedly working for her and nothing was being handled or was being badly mishandled. Then she met with Jack, fired the other two attorneys and quickly realized what it meant to have a good, dedicated attorney in your corner. Jack was always prepared for hearings and made sure we were all as prepared as one can be. He gave honest advice even when it wasn’t what we wanted to hear. Jack listened to us and we always felt like he was fighting for our daughter and grandchildren. While things didn’t always go they way we wanted, we believe it turned out better than it would have if Jack hadn’t taken over. We just wish we would have hired him in the very beginning.

Doug H. and Rhonda H.

Licking County

After calling several other attorneys to see about representing me with my dissolution, Jack was the first to show concern for my situation and listened intently to what I had to say. At our first meeting, it felt like I was talking with a family member because he genuinely cared about my wellbeing and what my future would look like. I'm so glad I was lucky enough to have such a caring attorney represent and guide me through a difficult time in my life.

Rachel L.

Newark, OH

Jack was perfect for me and what I needed for my Dissolution. He was easy to work with; accommodating and his advice was considerate and appreciated. I absolutely would recommend him to others.

Dave R.

Ostrander, Ohio

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for representing me in my time of need. I must say that I am more than pleased with the way you guided throughout the divorce process, kept me informed and prepared for the toughest challenge of my life. Your honesty and integrity reassured me that I make the right decision when I procured your services. Thank you again!

Dennis A.

Granville, Ohio

Jack is professional, knowledgeable and affordable. After a bad attorney experience and a case that was going nowhere, Jack's advise and support was a breathe of fresh air. He guided me and my case through the process towards a timely resolution that I was pleased with. I would recommend Jack every time. Thank you Jack.

Seth R.

Columbus, OH

My experience with Jack’s Law Office and Jack Carney-Debord regarding my dissolution case was excellent. Jack explained everything to me regarding the dissolution process during our initial consultation and that is exactly how the process went, from beginning to end. Additionally, the videos on his website were very helpful as well as I went through the process. Jack provided sound advice and his consultation was invaluable. He provides a high quality service and I would highly recommend Jacks’ Law Office if you are considering a dissolution.

Vaughn G.

Delaware, OH

Jack Carney-DeBord is the attorney you need in Columbus and the surrounding area to assist you in your divorce or domestic legal process. His mix of experience and compassion can't be beat. When I was 4 days away from what was supposed to be my final dissolution hearing, my attorney quit on me. I was in a panic. I had a court date in 4 days, a weekend was taking up two of those days and I had no representation. I called several law firms in the area and they all declined seeing me, stating that there was not enough time to catch up on the details of my case before I was due in court. Jack Carney-DeBord stepped up at the last minute, rearranged his existing schedule, and set a meeting with me that day. He explained the way he practices law, and he asked the necessary questions from our first meeting that my previous attorney should have asked to begin with. I was so impressed with our meeting. He actively listens. He shows compassion and concern for each client and the members of their family. He was prompt, on time for court appearances, and he counseled me so that I knew exactly what to expect from the process. I had paid thousands of dollars to another attorney over the course of 18 months and Jack Carney-DeBord did things in 4 days that the other attorney didn't do in over a year of me being involved with their practice! The difference was immediately apparent and vastly different. I would HIGHLY recommend Jack Carney-DeBord for all of your legal needs. Do the right thing for yourself and your family from the beginning. Jack's level of expertise mixed with his compassionate nature is the key to getting through the tough and draining process of divorce. Thank you again Jack.


Columbus, OH

I found Jack's name online and contacted him for a free phone consultation. After talking with him on the phone we met and discussed my divorce case. My divorce lasted almost 2 years so Jack's flat rate was a great option for me. Jack was prompt at answering my phone calls and emails. When talking or meeting with Jack I felt that I was his top priority and he cared for me and my case. He always made me feel comfortable and prepared. He explained things so I understood them. Going through a divorce is stressful enough, it's comforting to have someone like Jack to make you feel at ease. I would defiantly recommend his services to anyone needing an attorney.

Gayle A.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack represented me for my divorce. He was excellent. Very thorough. Very good updated me and getting back to me. Took a long time but he saved me $72,000 in alimony so I am thrilled with the result. I have already referred his name. Money well spent.

Mark W.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack Carney-DeBord is an excellent attorney. He was my divorce attorney in Franklin County. We met frequently and were always way ahead of the other side. He is extremely prepared, answered all my questions and resolved things without going to court. Very responsive. I definitely would recommend him to others going thru Divorce. T.S. Emergency Physician

T. Mitchell Sokari, M.D.

Columbus, OH

I first contacted Mr. Carney-DeBord because of the free consultation offer. His office location was centrally located to meet my needs, and his extensive experience in the courtroom with various clients held my interest. Mr. Carney-DeBord was very professional on the phone and answered all the questions that I had. Rather then arguing with me on what my needs were, he listened thoughtfully and did all that he could to work with me. I felt very comfortable from the first meeting, knowing I was being taken seriously with compassion and professional care. He explained all of the paperwork and procedures in a way that I would know exactly what was going on and he advocated for what would be best for me. When it came time to present the dissolution paperwork to my ex, he went through the paperwork with me a couple more times to make sure I would understand what I would be describing. The private judge arrangement that he worked out was professional, smooth, and soothing. This was a difficult experience to go through, but with Mr. Carney-DeBord, I didn't feel so overwhelmed, and I knew that my best interests would be fought for. If I ever needed legal assistance in Mr. Carney-DeBord's expertise, I would definitely utilize him again, and I will refer my friends or colleagues to him. I'd give this experience a 10 out of 10. Thank you very much.

Danielle K.

Alexandria, OH

Jack was my Dissolution attorney in Delaware. He was the first name on the internet and he had a reputation for being ruthless if he had to. My case went smooth and I would recommend him. I never had to wonder about what was going on and I loved the flat fee as I never had to worry about getting a bill. I am in a better place.

Bill W.

Radnor, Ohio

I had no previous experience with an attorney and had no idea what to expect. From the start Jack was very thorough and took time to walk me thru the steps necessary for my dissolution. I felt that he was always acting in my best interest and I never felt like I was "just a client". It was reassuring to have him on my side. I also felt that he responded very quickly to my emails and phone calls and took action accordingly. I'm very pleased with my experience with Jack and would recommend him!

Jennifer S.


Jack guided me through the dissolution process and helped me understand the various steps along the way. I appreciated the "flat fee" payment method as I knew what I was paying and didn't worry about any surprise expenses. I also selected the "private judge" option and that made it much better for us. I feel that Jack provided a very professional approach throughout the process. Thanks Jack!

Jon D.

Columbus, OH

I had a difficult case where I am unable to work due to several back injuries and had applied for disability. The backlog of cases has drug my disability case out for years and I was not able to work both because of my physical limitations and because of disability restrictions. This left me unable to meet my high child support obligations due to circumstances out of my control. Though I was in constant contact with child support about my situation and tried to get my monthly rate changed to a more manageable amount, my ex didn't understand the complications of two governmental agencies in direct conflict with each other or the out of control feeling of being completely at the mercy of the government and not having the ability to work to support myself let alone meet the constant demands for money, so she took me to court. I felt completely helpless not being able to work and still being constantly hounded for money so I reached out to Jack for help. He was able to get the understanding of the court and set the record straight while also negotiating a much lower payment for me. Now the constant demands for money have ended and I am within the rules set by disability while I continue on the long journey to get approved. I can't thank Jack enough for helping me get through what originally felt like a completely hopeless situation and I would recommend him to anyone in need of help navigating the complicated and often unforgiving system.

William E.

Delaware, Ohio

I came to Jack with zero understanding of the process required to get through a dissolution. I knew there was mountains of paperwork and complicated legal peculiarities I would face if I tried to go it alone. Jack broke everything down into easy to understand steps, laid out the time frame and dealt with the county legal system so I didn't have to. When all was said and done, my dissolution was completed in front of a private judge in a private office in about fifteen minutes. One warning, if you think you can handle the dissolution by yourself. My friend and her husband thought they could handle the dissolution by themselves. They are both two white-collar professionals. They turned in their packet of paperwork to the courts and thought they were good to go. Days later the paperwork was returned to them by the court clerk and told it was all wrong. Save yourself that aggravation- call Jack!

Ian S.

Delaware, Ohio

Going through a divorce or disillusion can be a scary thing; so can finding the right attorney to represent you…but they don’t have to be. Talking to Jack about the law and your rights is like talking to a favorite uncle. My case was a fairly amicable disillusion, but even amicable cases entail a lot of paperwork. Jack walked me through everything and explained it in a way that made it easy to understand. He worked with me to come up with a plan that was fair and equitable for everyone involved. He was easy to get a hold of, returned calls and emails quickly, and was on top of things at all times. While no separation is painless, Jack made the process as pain-free as possible.

Mark B.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack represented me on my Dissolution in Delaware. I really liked the flat fee because I did not know what would happen with the case. We started with a Divorce and changed to Dissolution. He was very easy to communicate with. Once there was a big problem about the paperwork with my spouse and (while gone on vacation) he answered my questions and we solved the problem easily. Everything went smooth and quick. I have already recommended Jack to another.

Pam P.

Delaware, Ohio

Through my employment, I have access to Hyatt Legal and contacted them to find a lawyer in Delaware, rather than Marion, when my husband asked for a dissolution. I was very impressed when I first reached out to Jack for a telephone consultation. Initially, he would be assisting me with a dissolution, which became a legal separation. I visited his office and was very pleased with what he had to share, giving me direction and an understanding of the legal process. Jack reviewed the initial legal separation papers and together we were able to find wording to protect my interests. We addressed dividing 401Ks and pension benefits, along with division of personal assets, beneficiaries, spousal support, expenses and debts, and mutual release from marital duties. I went to Jack's office in Delaware and he followed up numerous times with telephone conferences and has been very supportive. His knowledge of the law is outstanding. I highly recommend Jack.

Patty Croman

Marion, OH

I hired Jack for my Dissolution in Fr. County. I found him thru Google. The case went great. Jack was amazing-easy to talk to and made me feel like family. The attorney fees were spelled out up front and there were no hidden costs. Jack keep me always informed and I got an even better result than I expected. I would recommend Jack.

Chris J.

Columbus, OH

Jack was my attorney for my Dissolution. My Mother had researched him on the web and he was a very good choice. My case took a very long time and Jack was still there for me. Jack made me feel good that he would not just drop my case. I could trust him because I could tell he knew what he was doing. I also liked the flat fee upfront for attorney fees that way I did not have to worry about lawyer fees. I would recommend Jack because he cared about what he was doing and about me as it was not easy for me to go thru. I also could not believe the process could go that smoothly and easy-I guess Jack made it go that way.

Sarah S.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack was my attorney for my Delaware County Dissolution. I hired Jack from the internet and I wanted someone local in Delaware. My expectations were met because it was a smooth transaction and because of Jack's excellent communication and expertise. I researched on my own to see if I could do it myself-and learned that would have been a nightmare. I would definitely recommend Jack.

Jack J.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack represented me in my CPO and Divorce cases. A neighbor had said he was a good attorney and she was right. At the first meeting, I was a mess. We only had a few days to get ready for the CPO but we did, and it went really well as I got everything I wanted. Jack was great. I then got served with Divorce papers in Franklin County (which eventually was returned to Delaware County nine months later.) The divorce process was very tedious. I have no idea what I would have done without Jack because it was all so crazy and stressful all the time. Finally we settled the divorce months later and basically I got all the terms that I wanted. We then finalized everything in Delaware and it went really smooth. I would recommend Jack because he got what I asked fro and he helped me navigate and simplify the more complicated areas. I felt he was honest and even when he had to give me bad news. He was on target with what he said would happen and my expectations were met. In all the biggest value I got from Jack was my freedom-so much of my life had been controlled up until then.

Jessica R. I.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack represented me in my Licking County divorce. Jack had good reviews on the web and I found him thru his website. I was well informed. He was easy to work with. He explained difficult things and was very helpful. I always knew what was going on. My big fear was that I would be left in the dark and that never happened. I was well informed. I would recommend Jack because he knows his stuff and he made a difficult situation easy. I felt very prepared all the time. The result of the case was good or better than I even expected. Jack always showed he was genuinely concerned about me and my case.

Tim I.

Alexandria, Ohio

Jack handled my divorce case for me, and did an outstanding job. I came to him with a challenge because my husband is in the military and stationed in South Carolina. However, Jack never gave up, he did his research, made phone calls and figured out how to serve him papers. In the end he was able to get us a court date very last minute, and made the whole process easy. He was always there to answer questions, explain the process and made me feel included in the process and made sure I understood everything that was going on. I would most definitely recommend him to others, and appreciated all his work and determination. Thanks Jack!

Audrey M.

Lewis Center, OH

Jack handled my Dissolution with kids in Franklin Co. He was easy to work with, personable, responded quickly and what I especially appreciated he communicated off hours-and due to my schedule that was really important. I liked the private judge. The process went smooth although there was a lot to do. Jack was transparent from beginning to end and I would definitely recommend Jack. He did a good job.

Amanda B.

Columbus, OH

Jack represented me in my divorce. One word that describes him is "Professional." Communication was timely and good. My needs definitely came first. Jack gave me a nice balance of meeting my needs with the expertise of what the legal system allows. Jack was definitely the expert on the case. He was my second attorney; the first took four months and I got nowhere. I do recommend Jack because the end result was what I needed and wanted and because he took the time to know me and help with all the many other areas that the case affected.

Cheryl M.

Lewis Center, Ohio

As out of state grandparents Jack thankfully took the time to discuss our child custody case over the phone. His advice was right on the money. I would recommend Jack to my family and friends for their legal needs. Thanks Jack!



Jack was my attorney for my Dissolution in Delaware. Everything was good and timely done. I wish I would have made contact with him a year earlier because I had an attorney friend first who was not a divorce attorney. Jack saved me time and aggravation. I would recommend Jack because the cost was reasonable (flat fee) and everything was done in a timely manner. I loved the private judge. His communication was quick. I found Jack on the internet by doing a search for Delaware attorneys.

Aaron M.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack was my Divorce attorney for my Newark Ohio case. Jack did a outstanding job for me to ensure my questions were answered and exceeded my expectations. He got the case done much sooner than I thought. He was informational. He was personal and friendly. He made a difficult situation smoother and more clear for me. I especially liked how he provided clarification and education regarding legal requirements and the court process. I would highly recommend him for any domestic issues.

Andrea K.

Newark, Ohio

Jack was professional and courteous, organized and thoughtful throughout the process. He made a difficult situation a little easier to handle.

Jaime F.

Columbus, OH

A friend who went through a bad divorce once said "it took so much to get married and even more to be unmarried." I never thought divorce would happen to me but it did. Nothing can prepare you for the pain and drawn out process. That is when you need attorney with experience and wisdom of Jack Carney-Debord. He was candid, honest, strategic. He understood the high, raw, negative emotions. He allowed these to play out by giving you a range of options. He will go the extra mile for you with clarity of purpose to ensure your rights are protected. You can expect a degree of professionalism worth more than you have bargained for. You will be severed by veteran jurist a class above his peers. It was great to have him on my corner. As hard as our divorce was, all parties settled on the best outcome. I highly recommend you consult with Jack before you settle your legal representation. Jack, thanks for your service and your friendship. Pedros Asgedom

Pedros Asgedom

Dublin, Ohio

Jack was my attorney for my Divorce case in Delaware. He was honest and kept me informed. He cost controlled the process. I never felt surprised by anything in the process. He gave total attention when we met. I never felt rushed. Open communication. Jack told me what to expect every step of the way and was with me every step of the way. The value was his advice and coaching. The attorney fees were reasonable with a good process thru Judy. He is just a quality individual. I give Jack a 5 out of 5 and I have already referred him to another.

Dale M.

Delaware, Ohio

I heard about Second Saturday through my church because I was going through a separation and I had all kinds of questions that where going through my mind so my pastor told me I should attend this free workshop. I was really concerned legally because my EX is not much of a rational person. I’m so happy I went, the workshop not only answered most of my questions I had on legal issues but helped me to gain some very valuable information emotionally, and financially. The workshop gave me great information on things I never even thought or considered I might have to deal with. I was so impressed with Jack’s presentation, knowledge and compassion from the workshop that I went and saw him on Monday to see what could be done about mu current situation and what I might have to deal with from a legal stand point in the future. Jack is very professional, honest and always has my best interest in mind. He is always quick to return my phone calls and emails, and never beats around the bush. He is 100% honest and straight forward with me about my case. Because of all these amazing qualities, I was able to put my mind at rest and to me this is priceless. I can’t thank Jack enough for the care, time, and honesty he gave me. I recommend attending a Second Saturday workshop and Jack Carney-Debord, as your legal counsel to anybody that is going through a divorce, separation or custody battle.

Angela G.

Delaware, Ohio

Jack represented me on my Divorce case in Delaware County, it was stressful and overwhelming. It was my first experience with an attorney and I must say it went well. Jack and I were very prepared. I especially liked the late Sunday meeting before the trial for planning. Jack said to me that the first thing he wanted to tell me was that this was not going to be like TV, that the court does not decide at the end of the case. At first I was shocked but that is exactly what happened. That meeting was very beneficial. The trial was very stressful. What impressed me was how composed and cordial Jack was and how he treated everyone including my ex with respect and especially towards the Magistrate. Kill them with kindness was apparent. And the good news was the result. I won. Everything we asked for that was beneficial to me, we got. I give Jack a 5 out of 5 with 5 being the best.

Keli A.

Columbus, Ohio

Jack represented me on a CPO in Delaware. He did a great job and got it dismissed. I was amazed at how personal and tough he was. I felt he represented my interests. He went out of his way to help me with another domestic matter while he was in court getting the CPO dismissed. Thanks for going above and beyond. I'm glad I hired you.

David D.

Delaware, OH

Jack represented me for my Dissolution. I appreciated the fee structure-flat fee. Jack's was very timely and an excellent communicator. I will refer to others his services. Jack made the process smooth and allowed me to move on with my life quicker. I loved the private judge and it was well worth it.

Leslie D.

Columbus, OH

My expectations were met. I was taken aback by Jack's dedication, and commitment to the case and I felt he took my position passionately. It was not a 9 to 5 gig. He has family as well. I graded Jack as a 10 with highest being 10. I put Jack on the hotseat with a short time frame. We worked together and figured it out. I would not have had the same experience with another attorney. What I put on his plate was really high-yet we worked together and got it done. Great job communicating. Thorough understanding. Not surprised. Follow his advice and he wont lead you astray.

Brian M.

Delaware, OH

I hired Jack for my Dissolution case in Morrow County. I got his name thru the Hyatt Legal Plan. Jack's process and assistance were well received and overall went smooth and without headache. I give Jack a 9 out of 10. The private judge was convenient.

Ron S.

Mt. Gilead

Jack Carney-DeBord is a lawyer that immediately gained my trust because he showed a sincere interest about my situation, after my divorce I had been dealing with several issues with my ex-husband, I found myself overwhelmed and I did not know what to do with my case, at some point I believed that I could represent myself but I found out the hard way that I need a "real lawyer" to take care of my case. I enjoyed working with Jack because he gave me peace of mind, he was available to answer to all my questions and concerns, he treated me with respect and compassion, he reviewed all my options and he was honest and went above and beyond for me. I can not describe how grateful I am for finding in Jack a person who was willing to fight for me until the end. I had been dealing with court issues with my ex husband for years and having Jack at my side always gives me peace of mind and most important I know that when he is my lawyer I always WIN. I recommend Jack a 100%, it is very hard to find a lawyer who really cares and he is a good man, Jack has a good heart and he is patient and kind. I appreciate all his hard work and dedication and he is a person that I recommend to all my friends and family, he truly is the best!

Martha E.

Powell, Ohio

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