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Family Law

Advice on choosing the right Ohio family law attorney for you with three easy steps

The time has come for you to determine the best family law attorney that is right for you and your case. This decision is most likely one of the hardest and most important decisions you have had to make thus far in your life.

When determining the best divorce attorney for you, this should not be taken lightly. Here are three basic steps to follow to help you decide which attorney is the one for you.

    1. Do some research and gather the names of potential candidates. The goal should be to narrow down a bunch of possibilities to three attorneys who will put your needs first. The best research can be done on the Internet, looking through the Yellow Pages and by interacting with family and friends. The Internet contains a library of information right at your fingertips and will provide you with a world of information.  Review the Yellow Page ads. Whittle down all the different ads and select the ads that speak directly to your interests, your situation, your questions, your concerns.  Eliminate the ads that are all about the attorney and not about you.  The important point here is to look for an attorney who puts your needs first-that will answer your questions!
    3. Educate yourself about each attorney and their respective law firm. Google the attorney or law firm’s name and see what comes up.  Web sites are great opportunities to learn all about the attorney and their firm long before you walk in the door.  Research each law firm’s mission. Check out the practice page areas to see exactly what kinds of cases the attorney handles and how your case compares.  See what other people are saying about the attorney through their testimonials.
    5. Interview the divorce attorneys.  After doing your research and educating yourself about your three candidates, call them and ask for a one-hour appointment.  Now, some attorneys charge for the consultation and some don’t. After interviewing your candidates, you should have a better feel about each one and this should make your decision making much easier!

Factors to Consider While Selecting Your Divorce Attorney in Ohio

Divorce can be a very touchy subject. It can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. It is important to understand what to look for when choosing an attorney to represent you. You must be confident and feel comfortable about the decision that will affect your future.

When searching for attorneys, look for experience. Even if an experienced attorney is a bit more pricy, that experience is critical. A better-experienced attorney can go to battle for you to protect your rights.

Courtroom experience is not something you look up in a book or pick up from others. Attorneys have to make very quick decisions during the period of a trial.

These split-second decisions can be the outcome of your case; the more experienced the attorney, the better your chances will be that you will experience successful results. Already stated, there is no substitute for experience in Divorce cases, going to court is always an unmistakable possibility.

Reputations are important to keep in mind when selecting your Divorce attorney. When Attorney searching, locate his or her’s education, credentials, years of experience, professional reputations and find out what the community is saying about him or her.

You don’t want to be stuck with an attorney with little experience and credentials. And you also do not want your attorney learning from mistakes he or she makes on your case.

Be aware of selecting an attorney based just on price. A lower retainer fee may be easy bait but understand the attorney’s experience and reputation. Don’t allow expensive fees to fool you either.

Many attorneys overcharge than what they’re worth and you won’t always get what you pay for. Again, look for that strong experience and reputation, along with reasonable fees.

Why Experience is Crucial

Experience always matters it doesn’t matter the circumstance. Just imagine the closing minutes or seconds of any competitive sporting event and you can witness the experience among the elite athletes and coaches.

Every team understands the importance of experience. When choosing the right divorce attorney for you; experience cannot be underestimated.

Experienced attorneys have a deeper and better understanding of the system within the work. More experienced lawyers can strategically direct a case through this system more effective than attorneys with less experience.

Many inexperienced attorneys lack the knowledge of this system and field-based upon their lack of experience. If you’re not aware of this in your decision process, as a client, this can hurt you in the long run.

Along with experience comes the knowledge of opposing lawyers and how they conduct their cases. New or inexperienced divorce attorneys can be somewhat lost and ineffective.

If the attorney’s divorce law experience is lacking, you as the client will not receive proper representation. Knowing your opponent, their strategies and how they handle each case is key and such knowledge can play an important role in your case.

Any new or inexperienced attorneys will not know or have a relationship with the judges and this can be huge for the lawyer with experience. Understanding the judge’s personality and background, knowing how that judge rules, and knowing how a judge reacts when a case is presented are all advantages of the experienced lawyer.

When choosing a divorce attorney there is nothing that can replace experience. Like any sporting event; the outcome of the game can come down to the very final ticks on the play clock and experience can either make or break that outcome.

With an experienced divorce attorney, many times you can get the outcome you so desire.

How do I choose a divorce attorney?

The best way to select an attorney that will best fit your needs is to do some extensive research on experience, reputation, and credentials. Word of mouth is also important.

Talk to friends and family about a lawyer they have used or who they would recommend. You can also call the local bar association lawyer referral program for your area.

What should I consider when hiring a family law attorney?

Make sure to consider your attorney’s experience and areas of expertise. Ask questions. Your attorney should be able to help you understand his or her areas of practice and experience about similar matters.

Also be sure to discuss the attorney’s fees, fee structure (flat, contingent, hourly rates), and how payments are arranged. You may want to ask for an estimate of how long it will take to resolve your case.

Make sure you have enough information to make a sound decision, and that you feel comfortable with the attorney who will represent you.

What is my divorce attorney’s duty to me?

Ensuring you are afforded all of your legal rights is your attorney’s primary duty. Your attorney also has a sworn duty to conduct your case so that it is decided in an impartial manner, based solely upon its merits.

He or she must seek your approval before making any agreements that substantially impact your interests.

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