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Post Decree Modifications

“Post Decree Modifications: Easier Said than Done”

While divorce or dissolution decrees may appear to be permanent, the terms of the document may be subject to change or a “modification.”

Child support, spousal support and custody modification filings are constantly on the rise in Ohio courts. I have handled lots of each type of modification.

If there are substantial changes in circumstances that were not subject to the parties’ intent originally, you may be able to re-open and change parts of your case.

For example, if a former spouse loses his or her job, or a job transfer or remarriage causes parental relocation across the country, then you may have grounds to modify your agreements.  Child custody, child support or spousal support are areas of your divorce decree you may be able to modify.

However, remember this, courts will not make it easy for you to make changes. The court will be looking closely at the terms of your current order and the change of circumstances.

As an experienced attorney, I will work and fight to protect your rights during discussions and or trial proceedings of post-decree modifications. I will give you straight advice-good or bad and I will only have one interest in mind-YOURS.

If you have a question about an issue after you are already divorced, pick up the phone and call 740 369-7567. I would love to hear your story and help you if I can.

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