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Jack Carney-Debord is an excellent attorney. He was my divorce attorney in Franklin County. We met frequently and were always way ahead of the other side. He is extremely prepared, answered all my questions and resolved things without going to court. Very responsive. I definitely would recommend him to others going thru Divorce.

T. Mitchell Sokari, M.D.

Columbus, OH

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Using A Private Judge
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Genuine Feedback from Columbus, OH Clients

I hired Jack for my Dissolution in Fr. County. I found him thru Google. The case went great. Jack was amazing-easy to talk to and made me feel like family. The attorney fees were spelled out up front and there were no hidden costs. Jack keep me always informed and I got an even better result than I expected. I would recommend Jack.

Chris J.
Columbus, OH

I had no previous experience with an attorney and had no idea what to expect. From the start Jack was very thorough and took time to walk me thru the steps necessary for my dissolution. I felt that he was always acting in my best interest and I never felt like I was "just a client". It was reassuring to have him on my side. I also felt that he responded very quickly to my emails and phone calls and took action accordingly. I'm very pleased with my experience with Jack and would recommend him!

Jennifer S.
Columbus, OH

Jack handled my Dissolution with kids in Franklin Co. He was easy to work with, personable, responded quickly and what I especially appreciated he communicated off hours-and due to my schedule that was really important. I liked the private judge. The process went smooth although there was a lot to do. Jack was transparent from beginning to end and I would definitely recommend Jack. He did a good job.

Amanda B.
Columbus, OH

Jack guided me through the dissolution process and helped me understand the various steps along the way. I appreciated the "flat fee" payment method as I knew what I was paying and didn't worry about any surprise expenses. I also selected the "private judge" option and that made it much better for us. I feel that Jack provided a very professional approach throughout the process. Thanks Jack!

Jon D.
Columbus, OH

Jack was professional and courteous, organized and thoughtful throughout the process. He made a difficult situation a little easier to handle.

Jaime F.
Columbus, OH

Jack represented me for my Dissolution. I appreciated the fee structure-flat fee. Jack's was very timely and an excellent communicator. I will refer to others his services. Jack made the process smooth and allowed me to move on with my life quicker. I loved the private judge and it was well worth it.

Leslie D.
Columbus, OH

Several years ago I was searching for an attorney for legal advice regarding an upcoming adoption case. I have two children with my ex. She had recently got remarried and had two more children in addition to the two we had. Together, they decided that their new step father would adopt them. The problem with this concept was my children at the time were ages 12 and 9. Now back to the point. My adoption trial was located in Delaware County so I was looking for a family law attorney familiar with Delaware. I hit the jackpot with Jack and from the 1st day I met him Jack Carney-DeBord changed my life. Right away he made sure I was comfortable and understood the sobering truth of what could happen if I lost my case. I should also mention, I suffer from severe social anxiety too! That means a lot to someone who is not comfortable around strangers, trust me. I was a nervous wreck thinking of even the possibility of losing my children. Jack could tell right away how much my kids meant to me and decided to represent me. He got to work right away filing at the court and all his attorney magic he does. Several months later (15 to be exact), Jack was still there by my side after all that time we finally finished the trial. The judge had reviewed the case and made a decision. I got a phone call around 7pm from Jack asking us to meet him. Not even a hint at all why. Jack handed me an envelope and looked at me in the eye and shook my world with two little words, "we won". I know after 15 months Jack wanted to call and scream that at me but even in winning he showed such class to invite me to tell me in person and not on the phone. I will never forget that. Jack changed my life, my children's lives and all my family's. I could write you four pages why you should have Jack represent you and the impact he has had on my life. I think to sum it up though, it's very rare to find an attorney who genuinely CARES for his clients and their lives like Jack does.

Kevin Wood
Columbus, Ohio

I hired Jack to learn about my options as a woman potentially desiring a divorce. Jack educated me in the area of Family Law. Even though we were talking about difficult topics, my experience with Jack’s law office was fantastic. Jack’s staff was wonderful, comforting and kind, and these qualities are so vital in support staff when a client is upset and in a state of grief. Jack himself was extremely compassionate, understanding, and intelligent: he listened to my every word and “got” me and my situation right from our first conversation. As we worked together further, he empowered me with information and, in fact, with a stronger sense of my own self-worth. He gave me sage advice, and I am very happy with his service. I highly recommend Jack’s services; they were well worth the money.

Nancy G.
Columbus, Ohio

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