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Why Use a "Private Judge" for Your Columbus Dissolution Case?

private judge

If you are attempting to get a Dissolution in Columbus, Ohio, then you should strongly consider using a “private judge.”

A private judge is usually a retired judge who can hear your case in place of going through official court to help you end your marriage peacefully. Private judges are paid for their services by one or both parties.

As you will see, the value of using a private judge is through the roof compared to the normal courtroom setting.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use a private judge for your dissolution case:

It is a very dignified way to terminate a relationship

Using a private judge for your Dissolution can help you to avoid the stress and the drama of going to court.

Couples who use private judges for the dissolution of their marriage often find that process is very dignified and peaceful since they are quickly, quietly and efficiently done, and done within the lawyer's office or conference room. Nowhere do I go for parking, what building do I have to find, what elevator do I get on, what floor is it on, what courtroom is it in.

Shorter timeframes

Unlike normal judges who have to deal with countless cases and give each one equal attention, a private judge can prioritize your case. This means that it can take significantly less time to dissolve your marriage and to end your case.

Having a shorter time to dissolution is extremely preferable to having to wait for month-after-month or even year-after-year to get your case resolved. Having a shorter timeframe to resolve your case is ideal because it allows you and your ex-spouse to heal and move on faster.

I have learned that every client wants it over yesterday. With the private judge, your attorney simply schedules the hearing starting at 30 days after the paperwork is turned into the Court. 10 minutes is all it will take as everything is taken care of ahead of time.

Paperwork is done for you in a Dissolution and signed by the private judge

When you hire a private judge, your attorney will have the paperwork done ahead of time for the private judge. The private judge will check it over, work with your attorney to have it completed, and then when the hearing takes place, the judge can merely inquire of the parties and sign off on the legal documents.

It will be done on time

Many people who try to get their dissolution done by a public judge have to wait long periods before the case is finally closed and is subject to continuances and delays.

If you go to court, then you can be one of many cases going at the same time (5-10 easily in Franklin County). If it starts at 9 am you are guaranteed to be there most likely be many others waiting for the same thing. When you work with a private judge, your case will be done on time as you are scheduled at a specific time.

It has been my experience that private judges are motivated to be on time and want to get it over with just as much as you do. This is a great benefit of working with a private judge.

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You will never have to go to court

Going to court can be inconvenient, stressful, and tedious. When you work with a private judge, you do not have to go to the actual physical courthouse.

You and your spouse can meet with the private judge in a private setting such as your attorney’s office or conference room. Since you have been there before all you have to do is tell your spouse where to go and how to get there.

Many a time, we see both parties coming together. If you get along, there is nothing wrong with that.

You will feel more comfortable in the attorney's office because you have been there before

If you choose to have the dissolution hearings in your attorney’s office, then you will most likely feel significantly more comfortable since you have been there before.

You will not have to experience the intimidating and overwhelmed feelings that go along with appearing in court before an actual judge. Avoiding court can make the process much easier to deal with. Terminating a marriage is stressful enough, why add to your stress.

Instead, use the private judge to lower your stress level. You will feel more in control and not so overwhelmed by it all.

10 minutes and it is over vs. waiting for an hour or more

When you work with a private judge, it almost always starts on time and can be over within ten minutes. The process is extremely efficient, and it does not take long at all.

This limits the amount of drama and stress that you have to deal with. It is predictable, quick and painless. In regular court, you can wait and wait and wait. And if the paperwork is not done right, you may be forced to come back at another time.

You’ll get to know the questions asked beforehand

Unlike a scenario with a traditional judge, you will not have to field any unknown questions during the hearing. Each county judge has their way of doing business.

With the private judge, you will get all of the questions beforehand and will not have to worry about any surprises popping up unexpectedly. This makes the entire process easier and less nerve-wracking.

The questions go like this:

Petitioner 1: State your name and current address for the record

  1. Were you a resident of (local county) for 90 days and the state of Ohio for 6 months before the filing of the Petition for Dissolution?
  2. Did you sign the Separation Agreement?
  3. Did you read it before you signed it?
  4. Did you understand it?
  5. Do you agree to abide by its terms?
  6. Do you believe it to be fair and equitable?
  7. Did you sign it voluntarily and of your own free will?
  8. Are you in bankruptcy, the military or with child (for the female)?
  9. Do you want the court to grant the dissolution and terminate the marriage?

Petitioner 2: Same questions.

Scheduling on your time v. the court's time

This is a major benefit. When you work with a traditional judge, you have your day in court picked out for you.

This means it could land on the day of your big business meeting, of your dentist's appointment, your daughter’s birthday, etc. When you work with a private judge, you can make sure that the hearing is scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and your partner.

Very experienced judges and the hearing is more informal

Many people who do private judge work are retired judges who have been a judge for many, many years. This means that you have the opportunity to work with an incredibly experienced judge who has seen it all in an informal setting like your attorney’s office or conference room.


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