Owning A Business and Divorce
exit strategy

bussiness analysis

Starting your own business is the dream of many people, but one thing that is often forgotten is that a failed marriage can negatively affect the busi...
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Shared Parenting Laws In Delaware, Franklin, Licking & Union Counties
shared parenting
If you are ending your marriage or suing for custody of a child born outside marriage you should not only know about Ohio’s guidelines for determining...
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Traditional Divorce Versus Mediation

divorce mediation

A divorce that we think of as “traditional” involves both parties separately hiring their attorneys to represent their best interests. This often happ...
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Three Labels Used in Child Custody Cases [Video]
Ohio Divorce Lawyer Explains How Divorce Cases WorkVIDEO: 3 Labels That Define The RelationshipWorried about how much it will cost to settle your case...
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Most Common Reasons for Divorce
divorce finances
Not all marriages fail for the same reason.Factors are endless, and even studies published by major universities disagree on what causes divorce. Neve...
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What is a Separation Agreement?
property division

Q: What is a Separation Agreement?Any couple going through dissolution in Ohio is required to have a Separation Agreement. This is essentially a legal...
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The Ultimate Guide: Preparing for a Divorce
make a list
file papers
protect your information

credit report

Getting your divorce case to completion will be time-consuming, but there are things you can do to make sure that it is over as quickly as possible.Wh...
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Ten New Year Resolutions for Divorced Parents
Loving your child
Adult children are still your children
January is the time to make resolutions for the New Year. But as anyone with a health club membership can tell you, most people give up these resoluti...
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The Complicated Issue of Child Custody
Child Custody
Child Custody Law

Child Custody in Ohio
One Size Doesn't Fit AllChild custody cases can be the most difficult ones in Family Law court. The “best interests” standard comes before the courts ...
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The Ways Children of Divorce Love Differently
Duaghter of Divorce
Children of Divorce

Children Divorce Infographic
Even the experts have trouble agreeing, but the divorce rate for first marriages is believed to be between 36% and 42%.As a Family Law Attorney, I see...
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Cheating Spouse? Avoid These Mistakes
Broken Heart
Checking Phone of Cheating Spouse
Affair hiding wedding ring

Finding out or even suspecting that your spouse or partner is having an affair is one of the most hurtful things that can happen to a relationship.Ins...
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Marriage Killing Careers
Couple Dancing
When choosing a career path, or even a job that we need to have to currently satisfy a need—we tend to focus on things like salary, benefits, opportun...
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Helping Children in Blended Families
Family Circle Looking Down
baby and big brother
According to the Pew Research Center, in 2013, four out of ten new marriages included one partner who had been married before, and two out of every te...
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I've Hired a Divorce Attorney: Now What?
hands with divorce agreement

You may think that after hiring a divorce lawyer, you can simply wait around for your court date, but people who actively participate in their divorce...
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How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce
unhappy couple

While you may have thought about filing for a divorce in Ohio for a long time, the news may come as a shock to your spouse. Divorce, no matter how ami...
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Two children playing with cell phones
 When it comes to divorce, child custody issues are usually emotional and sometimes become contentious. Unfortunately, this can mean that parents...
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What is a Legal Separation and What are the Main Benefits?
Divorcing Couple Broken Heart Puzzle
Divorce Sign

When it comes to ending a relationship, the word “separation” can be a confusing term.While there are many different types of informal separations, th...
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How to Get a Divorce
divorce wedding topper with decree
Female Judge Talking
female signing contract
Getting a divorce in Ohio often requires going through several court hearings and participating in numerous rounds of negotiation with your soon to be...
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Divorce Hearing No Show: What Happens if You or Your Spouse Don't Show Up?
gavel and rings
Some people do allow their divorce to proceed without their participation. Reasons include apathy, guilt, fear, depression or because they are attempt...
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Dissolution vs. Divorce: Which one is Right for You?
file papers
In Ohio, a dissolution is a non-adversarial proceeding to legally terminate a marriage. A Dissolution also means that the terms of the divorce are dec...
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