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Top 11 Ways to Win Your Divorce Case in Columbus, Ohio

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Do you live in the City of Columbus or Franklin County (Gahanna, Grove City, Upper Arlington, Worthington, etc), Ohio? Are you're trying to win a divorce case, then there are several specific things that you should do to try to improve your odds.

Here are the Top 11 ways to win your divorce case in Columbus, Ohio.

#1 Investigate, Negotiate, Litigate

That is the 3-step process we use to end the madness. Once we have our agreement, get it in writing, signed by both parties (so either side cannot back out later) and acknowledge in front of the Judge a Franklin County Memorandum of Agreement.

A Memorandum of Agreement will help you to outline all of the terms of your divorce before you sign a legally binding document. Being able to see everything on paper first will help you to make sure you are getting a great deal.

#2 Hire an attorney that you know, like and trust

Having a solid attorney is perhaps the most important factor in winning your divorce case. Take the time to find an excellent attorney. Study the web, read reviews, who are you going to trust with the most important decisions of your life?

#3 Hire an attorney who communicates with you almost every day when things get hot

If your attorney does not communicate with you regularly, you are not a priority to him or her. Make sure that your attorney will be available for communication regularly before you agree to work with him or her.

When things get going, we communicate daily and often twice a day; my cell phone is lit up with text and conversations, especially when something big is on the line.

#4 Hire an attorney who teaches you tips on how to testify in court

The way that you testify will have a major impact on the overall result of your case. You need an attorney who can give you great tips for you to make the most impactful testimony you can.

This is a recent example of Tips that I sent to a client just before our hearing in Franklin County Juvenile Court (custody case).

  • Turn and speak to the Judge when answering
  • If you do not know an answer do not guess
  • You can testify to what your spouse told you...that is NOT hearsay
  • You cannot testify to what someone else told you unless permitted by the court (hearsay) UNLESS IT IS THE OTHER PARTY
  • If you do not understand the question, then say I don't understand
  • While I am questioning THE OTHER PARTY, take note of anything you want to tell me rather than tell me while I am questioning
  • Be honest

Prepare for these 3 questions in court...

  1. Identify Exhibit 1= I have handed you what has been marked as Exhibit 1, please identify for the record. Answer: Exhibit 1 is our joint tax return for 2016
  2. How do you know that? Answer: Because...
  3. How is this Exhibit relevant to the case? Answer: It shows our incomes for 2016

#5 Hire an attorney who uses the flat fee approach

Why do I say so? Ask your attorney how much the total cost of the case will be. You won't get a straight answer. Flat fees are better than hourly rates because, with hourly rates, you could end up paying much more than you were prepared for and not knowing what to prepare for is even worse. Flat fees are the way to go. This is 2019.

#6 Hire an attorney who is experienced in your type of case

The more experience that your attorney has with your type of case, the more likely he or she will be to win. Does your attorney do all kinds of other cases? I used to. Not anymore.

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#7 Hire an attorney who sends you copies of all the paperwork

If your attorney doesn’t send you copies of the paperwork, that is a sign of laziness and low-quality. You will get your documents as soon as they come in-often before I even see them.

#8 Hire an attorney who will work with you for hours preparing for trial

Attorneys who are willing to go the extra mile to work with you for hours preparing for the trial are the ones who will be more likely to win your case. Saturday, Sunday PMS…are the norm especially when preparing for court.

#9 Hire an attorney who understands your story

 If your attorney understands all of the key aspects of your story, then he or she can argue your case more effectively. What is your story? What keeps you awake at night?

#10 Hire an attorney who makes you part of the team

 You and your attorney are a team, and you should feel like a valued team member. Seek out attorneys who make you feel this way. We use software that is sent to you immediately upon hiring. You can start working on your case the same day we are hired.

#11 Hire an attorney who spells out before the case starts exactly how much the case will cost

If you do this, then you will not be caught by surprise with an enormous bill at the end of the case.


  • Hire an attorney who is there for you when you are on the ledge and talks you off the ledge
  • Divorce can be very difficult. So, if you can find an attorney who can talk you off the ledge, it can be extremely helpful for getting through it. I spend most of my days doing this, that is OK with me.

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