I've Hired a Divorce Attorney: Now What?
hands with divorce agreement

You may think that after hiring a divorce lawyer, you can simply wait around for your court date, but people who actively participate in their divorce...
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Quick Tips About Divorce Jurisdiction in Ohio
 In Ohio, the court that handles divorce and dissolution cases is the Court of Common Pleas which is located in each county. This means a particu...
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Ohio Dissolution FAQ: Nine Commonly Asked Questions
cracked wedding ring divorce
male hand signing divorce papers
What is the difference between a dissolution and a divorce?In a divorce, the spouses are unable to agree on issues such as child support, property div...
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Discovery: What it is and why it's Important for Your Divorce Case
What is Discovery?The term "discovery" refers to the process of the exchange of information between the parties. This information includes each spouse...
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Who Gets Custody of Your Friends?

Divorce usually means dividing up part of your life that you and your partner once shared. Issues like who gets what, how much time children will spend with each parent and other matters can be handled by lawyers or through the court system.

Unfortunately, neither the legal system nor an attorney can decide for one important asset the gets left out of the divorce process–your friends. Losing friends during a divorce can be as equally hurtful and confusing as losing any other important asset.

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The Important Things Your Divorce Will Teach You
relieved man
You didn’t think that your future included divorce, but here you are.You don’t need to be told the downsides to divorce. You lived them.But what about...
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7 Signs You May be in an Emotional Affair and How to End It
emotional affair
Emotional Affair man woman


Even if you are married or in a committed romantic relationship, you still need to have other relationships in your life. Usually, these relationships...
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How to Find Closure After Your Marriage Ends


Your relationship has come to an end. But you aren’t satisfied.You want answers. You need closure.But how are you defining closure? Is it a clean brea...
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Your Ohio Divorce Attorney can help you to prevent any mistakes!Our first Court Date is over: What should I do next?Plan your next step, and discuss d...
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If you are trying to prepare for your Westerville, Ohio dissolution hearing without a divorce attorney, you most likely want to find out what is going...
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Be prepared to answer some basic questions, such as...What is your story? (What happened between you and your spouse to put you in front of a divorce ...
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Divorce can be deeply intense and difficult. When you are going through a divorce, you may have an urgent need for answers and a desire to just “get t...
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Attorney Discloses How Divorce Case Works in Delaware, Ohio

Did you know that before you go into the courtroom to try your divorce case, the attorneys for both sides of the case will be talking back and forth a...
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If you live in the Central Ohio area, have you considered what is most important in your divorce? Divorce attorney, Jack Carney-DeBord knows what...
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The dissolution of bonds of marriage…It is not a punishment for a wrong done by one spouse to the other, but the result of the determination by the st...
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Marital Assets to Consider in the Dissolution of Marriage in OhioOne of the main things that divorce laws in Ohio will require to consider a valid dis...
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If you live in Ohio and you have marriage problems, particularly if you have been married for a long time, you may have acquired considerable pro...
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If you've already made the mistake before a divorce, and health insurance was canceled for your spouse and/or children there ARE steps you can take to...
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There are many things to consider when you are filing for a contested divorce in Ohio and one misstep in the process could cost you the entire case.Gr...
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It's important to get a good understanding of how your Marion, Ohio, divorce attorney handles his or her divorce cases and how available he or she is ...
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