Shared Parenting Laws In Delaware, Franklin, Licking & Union Counties
shared parenting
If you are ending your marriage or suing for custody of a child born outside marriage you should not only know about Ohio’s guidelines for determining...
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Three Labels Used in Child Custody Cases [Video]
Ohio Divorce Lawyer Explains How Divorce Cases WorkVIDEO: 3 Labels That Define The RelationshipWorried about how much it will cost to settle your case...
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Ten New Year Resolutions for Divorced Parents
Loving your child
Adult children are still your children
January is the time to make resolutions for the New Year. But as anyone with a health club membership can tell you, most people give up these resoluti...
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The Complicated Issue of Child Custody
Child Custody
Child Custody Law

Child Custody in Ohio
One Size Doesn't Fit AllChild custody cases can be the most difficult ones in Family Law court. The “best interests” standard comes before the courts ...
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The Ways Children of Divorce Love Differently
Duaghter of Divorce
Children of Divorce

Children Divorce Infographic
Even the experts have trouble agreeing, but the divorce rate for first marriages is believed to be between 36% and 42%.As a Family Law Attorney, I see...
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Helping Children in Blended Families
Family Circle Looking Down
baby and big brother
According to the Pew Research Center, in 2013, four out of ten new marriages included one partner who had been married before, and two out of every te...
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Two children playing with cell phones
 When it comes to divorce, child custody issues are usually emotional and sometimes become contentious. Unfortunately, this can mean that parents...
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What's the CSEA?
Parents have a responsibility to support their children. Obtaining child support is important for many reasons, which is why the Child Support Enforce...
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What to do When Your Child Refuses to Visit the Other Parent
visit kids dad
mother daughter field
teddy bear girl

dad asks daughter
mother son talk
group of teens on ground
teen angst
dad friendly visit
girls share
happy coparents daughter

You spent a long time getting your shared parenting plan hammered out so that both you and your ex were satisfied with it.Or maybe you had a protracte...
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grandparents with grandchildren
gavel and scales
grandad granchild
grandparent baby
The Changing Role of Grandparents in America"Today in America, approximately 5.8 million children live in homes where the grandparents are the homeown...
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change coming

divorce cash
negotiate divorce agreement
prenup agreement
understanding ohio
spousal support
child yellow coat
child support cut outs
single mother
ohio 3d
economic data
health care
child support payments
childcare boy
parenting time

You have financial and legal responsibilities to your child. It doesn't matter if you and the other parent are married.This will remain true until the...
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Ohio Shared Parenting Laws
parents and child
parenting agreement
Shared Parenting in OhioChild custody and visitation are two of the most difficult issues in a divorce proceeding. While the parents appear to be the ...
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Child Support in Ohio And What You Need To Know
dad and son
Ohio court child support calculation
A CNN Money article reported that as of 2009, over $100 billion was owed in unpaid child support payments. For lower-income mothers receiving child su...
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How a Subpoena Can Change Child Support [Video]

Do you need more child support? Do you suspect that your spouse may be hiding money from you? Can you increase your child support?Jack is an Ohio fami...
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VIDEO: My Spouse Left and Took the Kids, What can I do?You'll love the ending of this story.  Worried about how much it will cost to settle ...
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I'm a Single Mother and the State Took My Kids [Video]

Ohio divorce lawyer Jack Carney-DeBord describes a case where he represented a single mother who had been threatened by the state about custody of her...
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Parents Going Thru Divorce: 7 Tips for Back-to-School Challenges of Youngsters
back to school
Early September is symbolic of many things including the close of the summer season and, of course, kids going back to school. I bet you’ve seen the i...
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How do you determine Child Support guidelines and calculations? 1. You must know the gross income of each party and whether that income is W-2 wages o...
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Delaware Juvenile Court makes available the forms necessary for individuals who have custody, support or visitation cases to do their custody visitati...
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9 Factors for Child Support

How does the state usually determine Child Support guidelines and calculations?Check out the most common nine factors below:1. You must know the gross...
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