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Valentine's Day Newsletter

valentines newsletter

As I look outside to one foot of snow, I wish a Happy Valentine's Day to all. Let's also take a sneak peek at the coming spring (that means baseball-everyone knows that!).

Here is this week's news hot off the press from the streets better known as Broadway in Granville, and Sandusky St. in Delaware. Extra, extra read all about it!

Broadway: Granville Blue Aces 9th Graders Just Miss .500 Season...DU Student Loses His Life...

Yesterday evening the Blue Aces fell to the Johnstown Johnnies. It was our last game and it was tough to see our TJ sad at the end of the season and finishing with a loss. I just love watching TJ.

I saw one young boy who lives just a block away finish his season with a great 3 pointer from the corner. He had not gotten to play much this season so I was just thrilled for him.

Watching these young people, I am always reminded of how "perspective" is so important in life. And the perspective in my life comes from doing things that took me out of my comfort zone.

Like going against the grain and attending night school at Capital Law School, like my wife and I taking each other's last names and putting them together as a symbol of our life, like moving to Granville when we were fully established in Delaware.

These decisions were not based on convenience but conviction-sometimes you just know it is the right thing to do and you will worry about it later. And from each "uncomfortable" experience, I have gained perspective. It is so difficult to see life through other's eyes-but I know I am trying.

How have you gained perspective? How have you learned from the uncomfortable experiences in your life? 

As many of you know, a Denison senior lost his life this past week. The DU community has been in shock all week.

This young man had participated in swimming and was a graduating senior. Nan and I were on a search party to find him in Granville last Saturday night when we got the call that he had been located.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of this young man. 

Sandusky St: OWU gets Large $ Gift to Complete Edwards Gym Project

Hooray/Thurman's Opens/ JoAnn's Barber Shop still gives the best haircuts and Keith "The Trainer Who Trains" Oliver is the BEST! 

Saw big news out of Delaware/ OWU this week. An alum stepped forward with the gift of several million dollars towards the athletic/recreational facilities.

Very cool. My son Tyler took me over to see the renovations at old Edwards Gym recently and I marveled at how the university was able to update Edwards.

Edwards is such a classic old-time gymnasium facility and it looks great! Can't wait to see what is next!

Joann's Barber Shop is one reason I just love Delaware. While Joann is now semi-retired, Angie gave me a haircut yesterday that was terrific.

Joann's is another Delaware classic. Barber pole outside and just walk in and catch up on the latest news! Yesterday's news was that Thurman's Restaurant had just opened around the corner.

Thurman's is the same restaurant family from German Village-great hamburgers and just thrilled to have another great spot for dining. 

 As the temperature rises to a warm 35 degrees, you might think about getting a personal trainer to work out. Keith Oliver at Metro Fitness in Delaware is my recommendation. He is terrific.

Hi is inspiring, engaging and very instructive as to fitness, nutrition, and life. He calls me the "Iron Man Attorney" and always gives me in a great workout.

When I leave the gym, I truly feel like Superman. Recently, Nan and I were walking the dog at night, hand in hand, when suddenly Nan's foot hit black ice!

She started what appeared to be a nasty fall when our hands just clasped tighter and my shoulder locked up and kept her from falling to the ground!

Thanks to Keith's training the last couple of years I had the "functional" strength not to fall, not to let go, and save the day! Wow! Very cool and much appreciated Keith.

Call him at 740 362-5600. I guarantee you won't go wrong.

Baseball News: D1 Opens Today: DU Rocking Workouts, Texas Rangers begin a "Fresh Start", Granville Starts with "Midnight Madness"

Today is opening day for all NCAA Division 1 school and every big school in Ohio is scheduled to play somewhere hopefully warm today. Good luck to Granville's Ethan Schmidt who is a freshman at Xavier University.

Here at Denison, I have been volunteering as the Outfield Coach/ The workouts have been intense, the players working hard and the coaches great to work with.

With the terrific indoor facility of the Mitchell Center, we are doing some cool things for indoors. I even broke out my Casey pro model "machine gun" pitching machine which rotates like, yes, a machine gun and fires baseballs as fast as a speeding bullet in any direction. We go until I see the player's tongue's hanging-just kidding of course.

And today I received an email from the Texas Rangers where I serve as an Associate Scout. Word on the street is that Ranger's General Manager Jon Daniels is quoted as saying, "We're looking for a fresh start and see this group come together," Daniels said. "I'm hoping to see everybody bring a fresh attitude.

The bottom line is we're in a mode of looking up again. That's got to be our attitude.

I want to see this clubhouse come together and this team comes together." Sounds good to me and reminds me of something I talked about a couple of weeks ago in this news-Is old school new school. It still comes down to teamwork-does it not?

And last but not least, the Granville baseball squad starts its season Sunday at Midnight-the official first day or practice. Sounds like one very large - kid's sleepover to me-and nothing but fun! Stay tuned. I will bring the bagels. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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