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What You Need To Know About Uncontested Divorce in Ohio

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What happens if a divorce complaint goes unanswered? Usually if one spouse files for divorce, the other spouse jumps in to make sure his or her competing interests are represented. 

Not always. Sometimes the allotted time to respond passes and prompting the court to grant an uncontested divorce. 

No contest! The person who filed is granted the divorce. Possibly "as is," or with some modifications at the judge's discretion. 

But not answering a complaint is no way to prevent a divorce from happening. No reply just means the other party wins by default.

Uncontested Divorce in Ohio

In Ohio, the other party has 42 days to respond to a divorce complaint. It that period passes with no response from the opposing party, the judge will grant an uncontested divorce.

Often the judge will award the divorce “as is,” according to the original complaint. But sometimes the judge will make some changes at his or her discretion and then grant the divorce.

The party who does not respond is at a disadvantage. Everyone should have his or her interest presented in an important matter such as ending one’s marriage.

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