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How Much Will Your Divorce Cost?

When you know it's only a matter of time before your marriage ends, the first thing that comes to mind is how much a divorce costs. We always hear about multi-million dollar divorce trials and settlements, but for most of us living in the real world that isn’t a possibility.

Like other legal issues, the cost of divorce varies tremendously from state to state and couple to couple. The cost of a divorce varies from case to case, and there are countless variables to consider, but often it can be expensive.

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Some people do allow their divorce to proceed without their participation. Reasons include apathy, guilt, fear, depression or because they are attempting to delay or stop the divorce.

This is never a good idea!

Failure to appear means you have skipped a scheduled court date without notifying the court. You can be charged with contempt of court, and the judge can issue a bench warrant for your arrest. You may also have to pay a fine.

While such measures don't usually happen in a divorce case, you still should always show up in court if required to do so.

Skipping your court hearing not only gives a bad impression but allows the other spouse to tell the court what they want.

If you aren’t there, you can’t disprove their story or defend your self! Once this testimony is part of the court record it becomes very hard to discredit later—because you didn’t show up in the first place to refute it!

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dad and son

A CNN Money article reported that as of 2009, over $100 billion was owed in unpaid child support payments. For lower-income mothers receiving child support, the child support payments accounted for almost one-half of their total income.

When payments are not made by the other parent, mothers have no choice but to seek public assistance for themselves and their children. The problem has continued to grow as more parents never marry, separate or divorce and the need for child support increases.

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Divorcing Couple Broken Heart Puzzle

When it comes to ending a relationship, the word “separation” can be a confusing term.

While there are many different types of informal separations, there is only one legal separation recognized in the state of Ohio. A legal separation does not terminate a marriage, and you are not free to remarry. Under Ohio law, there are only three ways to terminate a Marriage: Divorce, Dissolution or Annulment. 

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Ohio Dissolution FAQ: Nine Commonly Asked Questions

What is the difference between a dissolution and a divorce? In a divorce, the spouses are unable to agree on issues such as child support, property di...

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private judge

If you are attempting to get a Dissolution in Columbus, Ohio, then you should strongly consider using a “private judge.”

A private judge is usually a retired judge who can hear your case in place of going through official court to help you end your marriage peacefully. Private judges are paid for their services by one or both parties.

As you will see, the value of using a private judge is through the roof compared to the normal courtroom setting.

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When you are going through your divorce, there is a good chance that you will experience many negative emotions.

These emotions can include anger, resentment, loneliness, and frustration. However, even though divorces can be highly emotional and difficult to deal with, you will still most likely have to communicate with your spouse. At least to a certain extent during the divorce proceedings.

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assets liabilities balance sheet

It's the most important document in your divorce case: the Balance Sheet. What is the Balance Sheet and how will it help you? This article is designed to make sure you understand how critical the Balance Sheet is when it comes to winning your divorce case.

The balance sheet focuses on valuing, distributing, and dividing all marital assets and liabilities.

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Cheating Spouse? Avoid These Mistakes

cheater spouse

Finding out or even suspecting that your spouse or partner is having an affair is one of the most hurtful things that can happen to a relationship.

Instant feelings of anger, shock, resentment and other negative emotions can set in quickly causing you to do things that can harm your future. Knowing that your partner is involved with someone else is hard enough, but knowing what to do can be even harder.

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man floating questions

#1 What is your story? 

  • What happened between you and your spouse to put you in front of a divorce attorney?
  • What are your concerns, questions, and other issues that are keeping you up at night worrying? 
  • Your divorce attorney will need to know.

The important points the attorney will be looking for are when you were married, how long you have been married, what happened during the marriage, what did not happen during the marriage, your income and employment situation, the children and why you are in the situation you are in.

At Jack’s Law Office, we need to know your questions first.

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floating questions woman

Don't Know What to Ask a Divorce Attorney Upon Meeting Them?

Here Are 6 Important Questions to Get You Started!

Take a list of questions to the divorce attorney’s office and check off the questions as you ask them.  Note closely the divorce attorney answers. Below are 6 great questions to ask an attorney when you first meet him or her.

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be prepared for divorce

Getting a divorce in Ohio? To get the best outcome, you must prepare. Here are 13 steps you should take to be ready for your divorce trial: 

13 Steps - Be Prepared!

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Parents Going Thru Divorce: 7 Tips for Back-to-School Challenges of Youngsters

Early September is symbolic of many things including the close of the summer season and, of course, kids going back to school. I bet you’ve seen the iconic school buses (or maybe even been stuck behind them).

You probably braved the back-to-school sales to stock up on supplies, new clothes, and all else that comes with the start of a new school year. That is the fun part. But what about the tough parts that you may remember as a child…

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Pet Custody In Divorce | Who Gets The Pets?

We Love Our Pets . . . 

According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), pet ownership in the U.S. has more than tripled from the 1970s. In 2012, 62 percent of American households had at least one pet. That same year, according to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent more than $50 billion on their cherished cats, dogs, and other assorted animal companions.

During the last several years, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers surveyed divorce lawyers from many different states and found there are more and more pet custody issues cropping up in divorce court.

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Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Not all marriages fail for the same reason.

Factors are endless, and even studies published by major universities disagree on what causes divorce. Nevertheless, some things show up, again and again, that can lead to the legal termination of a marriage. What are these commonalities? Infidelity, finances, age, incompatibility, lack of communication, unhappiness, and abuse.

We’ll discuss these common causes for divorce below in no particular order.

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What is a Separation Agreement?

Q: What is a Separation Agreement?

Any couple going through dissolution in Ohio is required to have a Separation Agreement. This is essentially a legally binding contract between two parties that mainly sets out all the assets and liabilities of the case.

Assets are things like vehicles, stocks, and bonds, real estate, retirement or profit-sharing plans, jewelry, household furnishings or pretty much anything else valued over $500. Liabilities are another part of the separation agreement and usually consist of credit card debt, mortgages, and student loans.

To file this agreement with the court, it's required that both parties agree on every issue outlined in the Separation Agreement. Assets must be divided and who is responsible for which debts need to be clarified. Any spousal support will also be included in this agreement.

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Ten New Year Resolutions for Divorced Parents

January is the time to make resolutions for the New Year. But as anyone with a health club membership can tell you, most people give up these resolutions by mid-February.

When it comes to your children, however, it’s important to resolutions that last. Newly divorced parents can and should learn from the mistakes of others.

The resolutions below will help you avoid these mistakes and create situations that will help instead of hurt your children. 

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The Ultimate Guide: Preparing for a Divorce [Get Your Free Copy]

Getting your divorce case to completion will be time-consuming, but there are things you can do to make sure that it is over as quickly as possible.

FREE Copy!

You can get a free copy! Choose the guide for men for women.

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The Complicated Issue of Child Custody

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Child custody cases can be the most difficult ones in Family Law court. The “best interests” standard comes before the courts in all sorts of ways. these include divorce, dissolution, legal separation, juvenile custody, post-decree modifications, and step-parent adoptions to name a few.

Emotions are sky-high, battle lines are drawn and there is no holding back.

Child custody decisions are some of the hardest ones parents will ever make. They are also among the most important.

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The Ways Children of Divorce Love Differently

Even the experts have trouble agreeing, but the divorce rate for first marriages is believed to be between 36% and 42%.

As a Family Law Attorney, I see families at all of the different stages of the divorce process. Ending an unsatisfactory relationship isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there is denying that it affects every family member.

During the divorce, parents must act responsibly—make children feel involved in key decisions throughout the process and not expose children to adult disagreements. Uncertainty about the future and being exposed to the constant conflict are what’s most damaging for children, not the fact of divorce itself.

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