I’ve Hired An Attorney. What Happens Next In My Divorce Case? (Part A)

Time to...

  • Provide a narrative of important events (what is important to you is important to us), in chronological order, if possible, to your attorney. This is usually the story that you told the attorney at your initial meeting. Be sure to include important events that you want your attorney to know about. About three to five pages should be plenty.
  • Provide your attorney with the information to fill out the necessary legal forms. In divorce court, there are numerous forms that need to be filled out and filled out correctly. Don’t delay. We like to send our clients these forms right up front so we can start gathering information.
  • Help your attorney get your “pleadings” in order. A pleading is a formal written statement filed with the court outlining the claims and defenses at issue and establishing the issues to be decided by the court. This is really your attorney’s job, but they must have your complete cooperation in answering all applicable questions.
  • Disclose your assets and liabilities to your attorney and to the court. You will be under oath when you fill out your financial affidavit, so get off on the right foot. It is never a good idea to hide assets or debts.
  • If you have suspicions that your spouse is using drugs or participating in shady behavior, talk with your attorney. They may suggest hiring a private investigator.


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