Hired an Attorney? Pick up some progressive steps to start your process!

Hired an Attorney? Pick up some progressive steps to start your process!

Hired an Attorney? Pick up some progressive steps to start your process!

Provide a narrative of important events, in chronological order, if possible, to your attorney. Be sure to include important events that you want your attorney to know about.

Provide your attorney with the information to fill out the necessary legal forms. In divorce court, there are numerous forms that need to be filled out and filled out correctly. Help your attorney get your “pleadings” in order.

A pleading is a formal written statement filed with the court outlining the claims and defenses at issue and establishing the issues to be decided by the court. Disclose your assets and liabilities to your attorney and to the court. You will be under oath when you fill out your financial affidavit, so get off on the right foot.

It is never a good idea to hide assets or debts. Carefully prepare your request for temporary orders. Give detailed narratives to your attorney outlining what you want and why, and also an estimate of all anticipated expenses associated with your requests – temporary custody, child support, payment of debts.

Remember that temporary orders can often stand for the entire length of the case, so take them seriously. Be concerned about temporary orders and other necessary documents.

If temporary custody is involved, focus on getting your story (affidavit) and those of people who interact with you, including your spouse and children, to offer their stories (affidavits). The affidavits will be filed with the court.

Temporary order requests and counter-affidavits often must be filed 14 days after service. Usually, the court gives you 28 days to answer any lawsuit.

Tell your attorney if you own property that was brought into the marriage or inherited. Such property should probably be listed as separate property on your disclosure sheet and not be subject to division.

Have documentation to support your claim. If you have suspicions that your wife is using drugs or participating in shady behavior, talk with your attorney. Lock up any potential bonus your spouse may be receiving later in the divorce process by using a restraining order.

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