Know What To Expect: Questions You Ohio Divorce Attorney Will Ask

Be prepared to answer some basic questions, such as...

  • What is your story? (What happened between you and your spouse to put you in front of a divorce attorney?)
  • What are your concerns?
  • What is your financial situation?
  • What are the best thing and the worse thing your spouse is going to say about you? How are you going to afford a divorce attorney?

According to Columbus Divorce Attorney, Jack Carney-DeBord, the above questions are likely to be some of the first ones a divorce attorney will ask you during your initial consultation. The important points the attorney will be looking for are when you were married, how long you have been married, what happened during the marriage, what did not happen during the marriage, your income and employment situation, your children and why you are in the situation you are in.

Divorce is deeply intense and difficult and there is an urgent need for those going through that process to have answers. Most have a desire to just “get this done.” The emotions of the moment may prevent them from making the right decisions at the very beginning of the process.

Thus, Carney-DeBord put together a book of real tips for men and women who are facing this situation to enable them to learn from the struggles of those who came before. In Jack's words, “It is at our darkest moments that we are most vulnerable and that we need the most trusted of advice.”

No divorce attorney can offer you legal advice about your specific divorce (or dissolution) case until you enter into an agreement for them to represent you in your divorce action, but Carney-DeBord’s guide to divorce will offer suggestions and identify traps. His book not only provides practical advice it provides you with an overview of the entire process so you will be prepared for what is to come. If you are facing a divorce, you need to read this book.

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