Dishonest Tactics to Watch Out for in a Contested Divorce

Dishonest Tactics to Watch Out for in a Contested Divorce

No one will deny that the ending of a marriage is an emotional rollercoaster.

Unfortunately, some couples let their hurt and anger control their divorce proceedings and one or both parties refuse to cooperate with each other. This results in a contested divorce case.

It can also result in one of the spouses "playing dirty."

Here are seven dishonest tactics that may be attempted in your contested divorce case:

  • lying
  • cutting the other spouse off financially
  • alienating children from the other spouse
  • hiding property or other assets
  • delaying the divorce
  • failing to pay specific court fees (such as for a guardian ad litem) 
  • making one spouse do all the work (specifically, when disclosing assets)

Perhaps two of the most heated issues throughout any contested divorce in Ohio involve children and money. When your spouse attempts dishonest tactics that threaten your time with your children or your financial security, it may be hard to keep a cool head.

Dealing with Dishonest Tactics in a Contested Divorce: Finances

Luckily, your divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio, has likely dealt with similar issues before and can best address them. One such dishonest tactic occurs when one spouse squirrels away money leading up to or during your contested divorce.

In other situations, one spouse may attempt to hide, sell or spend assets in an attempt to keep them from being divided in a property settlement agreement. Your divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio, has dealt with such situations before and knows which records to investigate to prove your spouse's tactics.

Often, one spouse sits back and lets the other compose the lengthy list of assets to be scrutinized during the discovery portion of a contested divorce. This can ultimately result in a property settlement in your favor, especially since your divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio, has the time and resources to make sure you comply with each of the court's requirements.

Unfairly Involving the Children in Dishonest Tactics

Your spouse likely knows how much your children mean to you, and if he or she has been uncooperative throughout your contested divorce in Ohio, you should expect an attempt at parental alienation. This is more than just speaking negatively about you in front of your children. It could involve purposely not telling you about recitals or events in your children's lives, or could mean extreme obstacles with your scheduled visitation.

When parental alienation occurs, your divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio, can actually show the effect it has on your children through psychological assessments, all which will prove to backfire on a dishonest soon-to-be-ex.

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