8 Dishonest Tactics to Watch Out for in a Contested Divorce in Ohio

When you and your spouse are going through a contested divorce in Ohio, there are some tactics for which you'll need to prepare. This is because the very nature of a contested divorce indicates the two of you have had some degree of conflict ending your marriage.

While many couples opt for dissolution as an end to their marriage, when you both can't amicably agree on the specific issues of your divorce, such as property distribution or child custody, you'll have to proceed with a contested divorce.

Be Prepared for Dishonest Tactics in a Contested Divorce

When this happens, your best bet is to work side by side with a divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio throughout the entire process. Your attorney can help manage the tedious details of your contested divorce in Ohio, but can also help prepare you for some commonly used tactics your spouse may attempt.

Your divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio may caution you with regards to the following 8 dishonest tactics which may be attempted in your contested divorce case, including:

    • lying;


    • cutting the other spouse off financially;


    • alienating children from the other spouse;


    • hiding property;


    • making false allegations of abuse;


    • delaying the divorce;


    • failing to pay specific court fees (guardian ad litem); and


    • making one spouse do all the work (specifically, when disclosing your assets.)

Addressing Dishonesty in a Contested Divorce in Ohio

When it comes to lying and false accusations, anything the two of you allege throughout your contested divorce in Ohio must be backed up with proof, that is, if you have a lawyer bound by rules of the Ohio Bar. One spouse can choose not to have a divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio and then make inflated accusations.

While it will likely be thrown out in front of a judge and work to harm your spouse's case, the time you and your attorney may spend addressing some of the accusations could have been spent building evidence on other crucial issues.

Nevertheless, your divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio will recognize when your spouse attempts tactics such as lying
and when necessary, can gather the appropriate proof to present to a judge, who will see right through the dishonesty.

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