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What is missing in your marriage that results in Divorce?

Divorces can be an extremely stressful life event. They disrupt and security and routines. Gone is the comfort that two partners have when living under the same roof and being in love.

During a divorce, two marital partners separate and can quickly find themselves struggling with many different challenges. Suddenly you are faced with the frightening prospect of ending your marriage. Through a process filled with unfamiliar legal jargon and procedures.

You may have never before seen the inside of an Ohio courtroom. But now you have to face a judge when you are already in emotional turmoil.

To make it worse partners cannot typically turn to each other to get through divorces.

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This is because people going through a divorce often have extreme resentment for one another and no longer wish to help each other. Without proper management, emotions and conflicts can spiral out of control

If you are in this situation where you are going through the whirlwind of divorce, then several resources can help you to get your bearings and to make sense of the chaos.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


The first is this article about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and divorce. Abraham Maslow was a prominent psychologist in the 1900s. In 1964, Ohio State University Press in Columbus, Ohio published one of his books entitled, "Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences."

Maslo structured all basic human needs into an easy-to-read diagram.

The author of this article explains how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies to divorce and it can be very helpful to read:

Simply Psychology: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and divorce

The second resource is an in-depth explanation of Maslow’s theories regarding the hierarchy of needs.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Motivational Theory in psychology


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