How to Hire a Good Divorce Attorney

It's important to get a good understanding of how your Marion, Ohio, divorce attorney handles his or her divorce cases and how available he or she is to clients. You should be looking for an attorney with a philosophy that you agree with for your divorce in Ohio and one who has experience with both contested divorce and dissolution in Ohio.

 Questions About Strategy

 You'll want to look for a divorce lawyer who tries to reach a reasonable settlement after analyzing all the facts surrounding your divorce. It's a good idea to hire a divorce attorney who has experience with collaborative divorces and dissolution in Ohio, which is the least painful and most economical type of divorce.

 By the same token, you'll want to hire a divorce attorney who has extensive courtroom experience, in case the divorce is disputed or results in a contested divorce.

 Ask questions to try to understand the divorce attorney's divorce management style:

  • What is your philosophy when working with divorce cases?
  • Do you recommend mediation? In what circumstances?
  • Do you have experience with collaborative divorces?
  • Do you encourage communication between spouses?

 Questions About Communication and Availability

 You'll want to avoid hiring a divorce lawyer who doesn't have time for you or your case. It will only create angst and frustration when you try to contact your divorce attorney, and it takes days to get a response.

 Ask enough questions to make you feel comfortable with the lawyer's availability:

  • What is your current caseload?
  •  What kind of timeframe do you anticipate for my divorce?
  •  Who in your firm will work on my case and who will I generally communicate with?
  •  When and how will I contact you?
  •  What's your general response time for clients?

When you're contemplating a divorce in Ohio, you'll need to screen prospective attorneys to find one that you feel comfortable working with. You'll also need to clarify the attorney's fees and expenses that you'll be responsible for. The goal is to select a Marion, Ohio, divorce attorney with experience and adequate availability and one who protects your interests and goals in the divorce.

 Protect Your Future with a Marion, Ohio, Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be an emotionally charged and overwhelming process. Seeking dissolution in Ohio is often a more economical and faster approach to ending a marriage than a contested divorce. You may take comfort in knowing that you can ease the legal burden by hiring a Marion, Ohio, divorce attorney who will guide you through the legal aspects of your divorce and who is also willing to educate along the way.

At Jack's Law Office, we will work to balance your best interests with the rigorous demands of the courts and strive to secure your future and your children's future. Contact us today at 1-888-421-7094 to schedule a no-cost consultation with a divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio.

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