Health Insurance Rules You MUST Know During Divorce

There are many things to consider when you are filing for a contested divorce in Ohio and one misstep in the process could cost you the entire case.

Greatest Asset

An Ohio divorce lawyer will be your greatest asset in making sure your behavior and actions during the settlement of your case do not harm your chances of obtaining a fair resolution.

Many cases of contested divorce in Ohio involve spiteful, vindictive behavior between soon-to-be ex-spouses. While this should be avoided at all costs, many plaintiffs do not realize there are some actions they may consider harmless but may be damaging to their case.

Your Marion, Ohio divorce lawyer should warn you of many behaviors and actions that you may think are logical when separating from your spouse, but can harm your case for a contested divorce in Ohio. One such instance is the option of canceling health insurance for your spouse or children.

What You May Not Know About Divorce and Health Insurance

The Ohio Revised Code prohibits the canceling of a health insurance policy before contested divorce in Ohio. This also applies when you file for dissolution, annulment, legal separation, or while any of these types of termination of marriage processes are pending.

This law remains into effect until the court determines new health insurance coverage for the spouse and children is secured.

If you hold the health insurance policy for your family you may figure it makes sense to cancel it for your spouse since they are no longer going to be a part of your household. If your spouse is taking custody of the children, you may also consider canceling their policy as well since your spouse will be mainly responsible for their healthcare.

When it comes to divorce and health insurance, you should not make any decisions or alterations to your plans until the case is finalized.

Discuss your health insurance coverage status with your Ohio divorce lawyer before making any changes or you may face serious penalties down the line in settling your contested divorce in Ohio.

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