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My Husband and I are Getting Divorced, Do I Need to Go Out and Get a Job?

My Husband and I are Getting Divorced, Do I Need to Go Out and Get a Job?

Many women facing divorce have to come to a frustrating realization. They will probably have to get a job.

If they are already working, they might have to pick up more hours, find a better paying position in a similar area or seek out a 2nd job. Some women even have to sometimes start from the beginning and go back to school because they've always been a stay-at-home mom.

This is a really scary thought for several women because it’s a dramatic change from the way things were during the marriage. You and your spouse might have worked things out for you to be at home while the kids were younger.

He was the one that was supporting the family with his job. But this is not the case anymore.

The money you had will be much less than before. The money you've both earned together is being spent on maintaining two separate households.

Things like property distribution, support, which carries health insurance, and 401k are all things to take into account when going through this process.

The attorney you have hired will work very hard on your case for you to receive the greatest deal for your situation. But it is important to realize that there are just some problems that even the most experienced lawyers can't solve, that’s just how it is.

Everything cannot go on as it once did before. I'm not trying to upset you with these things but rather I'm trying to give you a realistic outlook on the challenges you're being presented with.

You need to think about these things and put together a plan to deal with these challenges as they arise.


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