The Hard Truths You Must Face When Considering Divorce

If you are considering divorce in Granville, Ohio, you don’t have to do it alone. Everyone in Granville, Ohio has access to help, guidance and information to empower you to make sound decisions about your impending divorce. This guidance is available in a guide to divorce written by Divorce Trial Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord of Jack’s Law office.

Jack Carney-DeBord knows the prospect of going through a divorce may seem daunting, but he advises those facing the process to take a deep breath and begin with one small step. Many men and women go through the process and come through relieved, stronger than ever and ready to move on to a better place. Carney-DeBord believes your divorce has the best chance for a successful conclusion if you prepare yourself fully in advance as you consider divorce. 

Every case will have different aspects, but here are some of the major steps to considering divorce that is covered in Carney-DeBord’s guide book. 

  1. Choosing your attorney. Who you hire to represent you in your divorce action is probably one of the biggest and most important decisions you will have to make in your life (the longer the marriage, usually the bigger the case; and therefore the bigger the decision). 
  2. Understanding the grounds for divorce in the state of Ohio.
  3. Preparing for the initial consultation. You will “interview” the attorney and the attorney will learn about your case by asking several questions:\
    • What brought you to this point in your life?
    • What are the details of your situation?
    • What are your concerns, questions, and other issues that are keeping you up at night worrying?
    • What is your financial situation?
    • Do you have a balance sheet?
    • Does your spouse know that you want to terminate the marriage?
    • Have you talked with your spouse about the kids or property division?
  4. Preparing a narrative of your story and getting your pleadings in order\
  5. Disclosing your assets and liabilities
  6. Preparing for the Courtroom (and dealing with continuances and delays)
  7. Waiting for the decision.

Getting a divorce will not be easy – there is “No Easy Way”, but to assure yourself of the best possible outcome, get the best possible advice, read Carney-DeBord’s guide to considering divorce and get your case off to the right start.

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