Divorce or Dissolution—Lawyer in Dublin, Ohio Helps You Decide

Divorce or Dissolution—Lawyer in Dublin, Ohio Helps You Decide

You’ve probably heard about both divorces and dissolutions, but do you know the difference? Dublin Ohio Divorce and Dissolution Attorney Jack explains divorces and dissolutions in a guide to divorce he has penned to help the many people in the Dublin area who are facing the stress and confusion of terminating their marriages.

 The number one way to terminate a marriage is through dissolution. 

A dissolution is simply a contract (an agreement) between the two spouses that covers all the issues of the case. There are several good reasons for terminating a marriage by dissolution.

One reason is cost. Dissolution is less expensive than divorce because there is no contest. Dissolutions are also likely to go through more quickly and they can be done more privately—with no-fault assigned.

To obtain a dissolution, all parties must agree.

The number one way to end a marriage if you cannot agree is a divorce.

Divorce is considered a lawsuit because one spouse sues the other spouse. One party is called the plaintiff (the person filing first) and one person is the defendant. This lawsuit is no different than any other lawsuit – attorneys for each side are trying to advocate for the best possible result for their client.

Either a judge or a magistrate (an attorney hired by the judge to hear your case) will ultimately decide the outcome of your case.

If you are contemplating ending your marriage, you may want to consider in advance whether dissolution is likely to work for you or whether your particular situation will require a divorce action. If you do not believe you will be able to reach an agreement with your spouse, you will want to learn all you can about divorce.

Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord of Jack’s Law Firm put together a book of real tips for people contemplating divorce that will enable them to benefit and learn from the struggles of those who came before. It is written for people to read in their darkest moments when they are most vulnerable and need the most trusted advice.

Jack Carney-DeBord wants to be your coach and guide you through the difficult and painful divorce process.

As he explains in his book, “The goal of Jack’s Law Office is to help you terminate your marriage; but more importantly, we want to help you change your life, empower you with information and advice so that you can make good decisions, ensure that your voice will be heard, advocate 100% for your side of the story and coach you through the entire process from beginning to end.”

To avoid blundering along and making mistakes in the process that may cost you time and money, get Carney-DeBord’s guide to divorce before you take any other steps.

Worried about how much it will cost to settle your case?

Take the guesswork out of divorce fees. Click here to learn more.

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