Book by Columbus, Ohio Attorney Offers Divorce Information

Columbus Divorce Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord has written a book he wishes you didn’t have to read, but he’s also very glad he has the information compiled in a handy form for you. Here’s a short excerpt from his book:

“I have heard countless times that ‘I never thought I would be here thinking about divorce.’ But that is OK, you are not alone. Since 1991, I have been handling family law cases and most (divorces) are full of negative emotion and sadness and are just downright painful.

However, what I have learned and seen firsthand is that the years of lying and deceit, and unhealthy repression of NOT going through the process, of NOT terminating the unhealthy relationship, of NOT moving on to a new and better life (your life) are even greater.”

Sadly, all marriages do not last happily ever after. As Carney-DeBord expressed above, sometimes divorce is less painful than an unhealthy relationship.

After many years of being a family law attorney, Jack realized that what people really want are ANSWERS. Answers to their many, many questions about how this legal process really works. And what people really, really NEED is someone to guide them, motivate them, get them to and over the finish line, terminate their marriage and get them on their way to a better place.

Every divorce case is different and nobody can offer you specific advice about your case until they have been hired to represent you; but before you choose a divorce attorney, you need to learn about the divorce process so you can choose the best representation for you.

Divorce attorneys come in all shapes and sizes with various levels of expertise, costs, and styles; and you need to know how to choose the one that’s right for you. When reading Carney-DeBord’s book, you will begin to educate yourself on each step of the divorce process and how attorneys approach a divorce case. You will quickly start to see what you are about to face.

Begin by asking yourself some fundamental questions:

• “How am I going to get through this process emotionally?”
• “How am I going to get through this process financially?”
• “What will happen to the kids?”
• “How do I choose an attorney?”
• “Can I afford an attorney?”
• “How much will the divorce cost?”
• “What will the end result look like?”

Also, prepare yourself for the hard work (tons of paperwork) required in a divorce case. Tax returns, copies of bills, financial statements and bank statements from the last three years are all routine documents that your attorney will require.

Some of these steps can of course be taken even before you hire an attorney—if you educate yourself first about what you can expect to happen.
If you are contemplating a divorce, you need a copy of Carney-DeBord’s divorce guidebook.

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