4 Things to Consider if You've Been Sued for Divorce

4 Things to Consider if You've Been Sued for Divorce

When you've been sued for divorce, you want to get things done in a timely fashion.

There are four key considerations to keep in mind when you have been served your divorce paperwork:

  1. You have 28 days to respond: you need to get to a divorce attorney and get your paperwork completed in order to properly respond. Courts generally grant you 28 days from the time you were served, which is the day that you were given the paperwork. The response will need to be a formal written response in any situation when you've been sued for divorce.
  2. Having an appropriate and thorough response is one of the main reasons you need to find a lawyer. Specifically, find one who puts your needs first. Check out our suggestions for finding the right attorney for you! Find an attorney who is going to look out for your needs and rights. If you need more information, I recommend reading my book.
  3. Be careful. Many times temporary orders are made in only 14 days and will set financial decisions for the rest of the case. You might find yourself tempted to make concessions just to move on with your life. Stay strong and remember that these are long-term decisions that you're making.
  4. You need to get to a divorce attorney quickly so you can do your paperwork. Do not hesitate to begin as soon as you are served the divorce petition. The interview process may take longer than you expect before you find the right divorce attorney. It will be tempting to let emotions keep you in denial when you've been sued for divorce; do your best to take action with a clear head.

If you have any other questions as you consider your next steps after being served for divorce, please don't hesitate to contact us. Call us or fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you immediately.

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