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Sunbury Ohio Divorce Attorney

Sometimes, life can change at the drop of a dime.

What once seemed like a picture-perfect marriage or a fairy tale family life can suddenly be anything but, and you’re left hurt, confused and, in many cases, just plain overwhelmed as you try to pick back up the pieces.

When these hard times are upon you, I’m here to help. I’ll work with you to determine the best possible steps for your children, your property and your life, and I’ll guide you through each and every one of them.

With more than 24 years of experience in divorce, dissolution, child custody and other family law issues, I’m here to be your ally in the times you need one most.


Getting divorced isn’t as simple as just filling out a few forms and signing some papers. It’s actually a very long and complicated process, especially if you have children, shared property or lots of assets between the two of you.

To make matters worse, a divorce can also be extremely trying emotionally, too. It can turn your life upside-down, making you depressed, sad and sometimes even angry.

I’m here to make this process easier on both you and your family. I’ll file your pleadings, I’ll help you determine what assets, property and settlement you can expect, and I’ll handle negotiations with your former spouse or their lawyer.

If a beneficial settlement can’t be reached out of court, I’ll happily pursue your case all the way to the end, ensuring you get the settlement and divorce agreement you deserve.


Divorce isn’t always the best answer for couples looking to separate. In many situations, dissolution may actually be a more fitting solution, especially if you and your ex are separating amicably.

With a dissolution, you can speed up your separation, and make the entire process easier, shorter and more affordable. And during a hard time like this, wouldn’t that be good for everyone involved?

If you’re separating from your spouse, I’ll help you determine is dissolution is a good fit for your specific situation. And if it is, I’ll guide you and your ex through the appropriate steps.

Child Custody

The only thing that makes a divorce or separation worse is when children are involved. It can be confusing and upsetting time for kids, and if it’s not handled with the utmost finesse and care, the results can be truly disastrous.

As a long-time custody lawyer with decades of experience under my belt, I’m here to help both you and your children through your custody battle. I’ll make sure your rights as a parent are respected and honored, and I’ll fight for the best possible custody arrangement for your children.

Family Law

My ability to help your family doesn’t stop with divorce and custody services. In fact, there are many other additional legal issues I can assist you, your spouse and your children with.

I can help you seek child support payments from a biological parent or former spouse, I can also assist you and your loved ones in the step-parent adoption process, in post-decree matters involving enforcement of prior court orders, and or contempt for failure to abide by the current orders.

If your family is in need of legal help, make sure to call me today. I’m here to help you through this difficult time, and together, we’ll get you and your family back on track.

Read what Lynne from Sunbury, OH had to say about her case:

“Jack represented me for my Dissolution in Delaware Ohio. Jack took care of everything and I could not be more pleased. I felt that my needs did come first because he was constantly in touch and took care of everything. Ask him for his Monday call list-great way to stay in touch. This was my second attorney and it was like night and day. My case was painful as well as difficult. My Husband ended up in a nursing home at the last minute and Jack still got it done on time.”

– Lynne, Sunbury Ohio

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