Perhaps The Most Important Aspect of Your Case! (Part A)


Ask family and friends, review the local yellow pages and research on the internet for names of attorneys who practice in family law.

Family law involves divorce, dissolution and legal separation.

Write down for yourself what your concerns are; your worries; your questions and what is keeping you up at night. These are called YOUR INTERESTS or NEEDs. In your research, see which attorney emphasizes YOUR INTERESTS or YOUR NEEDS.

At the same time, figure out how you are going to pay the attorney and what kind of client's the attorney takes into his office.

Family law attorneys charge by the hour and range from $200/hr to $500/hr and ask for retainers from $2500 and up.

Certain attorneys only work on certain type of cases. This office normally emphasizes professional or executive divorces with at least 3 years of marriage.

TIP: Try to get the basic information for your case to the attorney before you meet with them. Write a set of goals or things that are important to you, as well as any concerns or fears you have, and give these to your attorney. When you first meet with the attorney, tell him the best things about you, your spouse and the best things the opposing spouse will say about you. Put it in writing. Then, do the same for the worst things your spouse will say about you, and for your complaints against your spouse. Lastly prepare a list of questions to ask the attorney.

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
Perhaps The Most Important Aspect of Your Case! (P...

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