How to Prepare for a Divorce in Ohio

If you live in the Central Ohio area, have you considered what is most important in your divorce? Divorce attorney, Jack Carney-DeBord knows what will give you the best chance of getting what you want when the process ends.

  • Is it whether you are a man or a woman?
  • Is it the court where you file?
  • The grounds for your divorce?

Read the divorce guide book written by Carney-DeBord of Jack’s Law Office. It answers all of your questions including the one posed above. The correct answer: “None of the above”

Whether you are a man or a woman, Jack has one rule for what makes a fair settlement. “Look to compromise, but don’t settle for less than 50%.” He is adamant about his clients receiving a “fair share” of marital property.

The court where you file your divorce lawsuit is not under your control. In Ohio, the court that handles divorce cases (as well as dissolution and legal separation cases) is the common pleas courthouse in your county. A divorce lawsuit must be filed in the right county. (Ohio law has lots of rules about this).

 Ohio law requires there to be legal reasons for divorce. Among these are:

if your spouse was married before and not legally divorced when you married.

  • willful absence for a year;
  • adultery;
  • extreme cruelty;
  • habitual drunkenness;
  • imprisonment;
  • living separate and apart for at least one year
  • incompatibility

In summary, Jack says this about the grounds for a divorce lawsuit: “I have been practicing divorce law since 1991 and have yet to have a court NOT grant a divorce because one party or the other did not want to get divorced. If one spouse wants the divorce, they will get it.”

So what is most important to the successful conclusion of your divorce lawsuit proceedings? Here’s what Carney-DeBord says: “Choosing the right divorce attorney is one of the biggest and most important decisions you will ever make. At Jack’s Law Office, we believe that any divorce attorney can give you a so-so legal answer. But here, we will coach you every step of the way. We will see you through thick and thin and walk, run, sprint or push you across the finish line and get you to a better place. Our real goal at Jack’s Law Office is to help you change your life for the better.”

In Carney-DeBord’s guidebook, you will find methodical, step-by-step instructions for picking the right attorney for your divorce case. You owe it to yourself to get your copy of this important information before moving forward with your divorce.

Worried about how much it will cost to settle your case?

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