Lots of Mistakes are Made After the First Day of Court has Come and Gone

Your Ohio Divorce Attorney can help you to prevent any mistakes!

Our first Court Date is over: What should I do next?

Plan your next step, and discuss discovery with your attorney. Discovery is a legal process by which each spouse turns over certain requested information to the other party. The purpose of discovery is to allow both sides to have access to important information so that the information can be studied and then relied on preparing the case further.

Each side usually requests lots of paperwork from the other side. It is not uncommon to ask for the last three years of tax returns, W2s, bank statements, etc. And yes, you need to go out and get these documents. You will give them to your attorney, who will organize them and submit them to the opposing counsel.

This is called a Request for Production of Documents. Each side usually has about 28 days to get the information to the other side.

Courts like to see both parents actively involved and engaged in the children's lives.

Courts try to find parenting schedules that maximize the time with each parent. Age, work schedules, history are issues the court uses to figure out the schedule.

See if both spouses can deal with schedules without court intervention. Don't move out of the house unless you have to and unless you have another solid place to go; realize that things will never be the same after the move.

Property disappears, locks get changed (even when it is illegal to do so), and important bills no longer get paid. You might consider this a wonderful fate to curse your ex into - that is, having to pay all of the bills you're leaving behind - but bear in mind that they can still ruin your credit, and your spouse will be happy to hold this against you in court.

If minor children are involved in the case, ask your attorney about custody factors. Get a copy of the factors and study them with your attorney, then apply the custody factors to your case.

Temporary Orders are usually issued by the court ordering the custody arrangement, child support, and who is to pay which bills. This court ruling can be changed by agreement of the parties, or by seeking change from the court (not easy to do). Talk to your spouse about not bringing up the legal matter of the divorce to the kids.

Do not use the kids for dirt on the other.

The kids did not start your divorce, so don't give them education on the process. You may have to fill out an interrogatory. These are questions that are submitted to you through your attorney from the other side.

It is your job to answer them to the best of your ability. Once you have answered the questions on your own; then discuss each question with your attorney as there are certain rules about the types of questions allowed, etc.

When you receive the request for information from your attorney, be diligent in getting the information needed, and communicating with him. Ask your attorney about hiring experts, as experts may or may not be needed.

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