"You Can't Be Serious, Why Do I Need To Provide That?" Part 2

Discovery – Do I Really Have To Provide My Spouse With Three Years’ Worth Of Tax Returns, Check Registers And So Forth?

Tips To Beat The Stress

  • Schedule a meeting with your attorney to go over everything. Your attorney will have the answers typed into the discovery request and will have you verify that the answers are true.
  • The attorney will send the same or similar requests to your spouse’s attorney. (You won’t be the only one doing the hard work.)
  • Once the information comes in from the other side, you should sit down and review all information requested.
  • Ask yourself how this information helps your case. How does it fit in the overall scheme of the case? Why is this needed? What is the purpose?
  • Depositions. “Depos” are a form of discovery. Depos are not often used in divorce cases because they are expensive and, generally, you already know what your spouse is going to say (that is why it is so important to tell your attorney the good and bad up front).
  • Depos require the person to come to the attorney’s office and answer questions under oath. The oral testimony is taken down by a court reporter, who then transcribes the oral testimony into a written transcript. I just completed a deposition which ran 200 pages and cost over $300 for just a certified transcript! If your deposition is to be taken, sit down with your attorney and go over what will happen and not happen.

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