Parent Relocation

“Parent Relocation-What Happens When You Get That Big Job Offer Across State Lines”

A child’s growth and development is enhanced when both parents are able to play a significant and prominent role in their life. There are times, however, that cause one parent to leave the state or move a great distance away from a former spouse and children; remarriage, a job transfer or promotion, a new or better employment opportunity or military reasons.

If you’re considering relocating you should ask yourself some serious questions. Do you have a rational reason for relocating your family? Is the other parent objecting? Are conditions out of your control causing you to leave Ohio with your children? Is a parental relocation being performed without court permission? Have you filed Notice with the court? Do you want to contest a parental relocation? These are just a few of the questions we need to discuss if relocation is on your mind. This is a complex issue and and usually cannot be solved easily. If you have a question or your ex-spouse is threatening to relocate outside the immediate area, pickup the phone and call me at 740 369-7567. I will be happy to speak to you.

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