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Step Parent Adoptions

Stepparent Adoptions in Ohio: Contested or by Agreement...

I have done both contested and by agreement. Stepparent adoption can occur when a birth parent has passed away, became incarcerated, or abused or blew off his/her parental rights and obligations.

There are plenty of issues to expand on and proper steps that should be taken in these situations and it is highly recommended to get the advice of an experienced attorney if you are considering stepparent adoption.

Having a successful step-parent adoption will require ending the parental rights of the biological mother or father. This can be no easy task.

The biological parent has the right to come to court and object. This can lead to two separate trials on whether or not the court will allow such a legal request to go thru.

On the other hand, if the biological parent consents, then one time to court can solve the legal problem. Either way-the court finding is considered final and binding.

An adoption attorney with many years of experience in family law and adoption cases has been connected to a great number of step-parents who seek to adopt children. A caring family lawyer will assist you with every step of this detailed step-parent adoption legal process.

Eligibility requirements, paperwork and terminating parental rights will require aid from an experienced family attorney. A lawyer will give your adoption goals a realistic evaluation they deserve.

Your family lawyer will work hard to maximize your legal position and minimize your emotional and stress concerns.

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