Time to Split? Your Divorce Under the New 2019 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
man pile receipts
tax deductions
woman financial strain
happy man 2019

contentious divorce
carefully weigh modification decision
good faith negotiation

Divorce is good for some and devastating for others, but both sides can agree on one thing: It is expensive . What is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? The b...
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bird nesting
weekly calendar

teen sleeping
teen friends girls
real estate growth
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soccer boys
lady judge
bird nest checklist

One of the biggest concerns in any separation, divorce, or dissolution proceeding is often: “How will this affect the kids?” And for good reason. Acco...
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Why It's Important for Your Husband to Like Your Friends
three friends argue

excluded man
interfering friend
angry husband
two happy couples

They say that you can’t have too much of a good thing.  But researchers say that having too many or the wrong kind of friends can devastate your marri...
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Smart Social Security Strategies for Your Gray Divorce
A grandpa and grandson are blurred in the background with a chess game in focus up front.
Older woman at a desk holding her forehead, distressed over finances.
Older man and woman with their layer, signing a divorce agreement.
Overlapping social security cards with an open padlock on top.

Bright pink piggy bank sits in front of an older couple each engrossed in thought.
Older couple smiling having coffee with their divorce attorney

If you are unfamiliar with the term, “ gray divorce ,” it refers to a divorce between two people who are in their elderly years, or who are quickly ap...
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How to Get More Retirement Money from Your Ex
divorce walk away

flat fee savings divorce

Divorce can put an enormous emotional strain on people. This is because it frequently involves the splitting of assets , arguing over contentious poin...
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Signs That Will Make You Realize You're in a Bad Marriage
avoiding home
flirting woman
bored couple
Get help with your divorce
verbal abuse
suspicious glance
nightmare marriage
contact jack now
When a marriage is good, it can be a tremendous blessing that provides you with a consistent source of happiness and sense of fulfillment. However, a ...
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Don't Feel "Shafted" After Your Divorce Case - HOW TO!
child custody 2019
lady time 2019
trial negotiate both
Roughly 900,000 married couples get divorced in the United States every single year. For many people who endure this process, divorce is the single mo...
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Top 12 Ways to Screw Up Your Divorce Case in Delaware or Columbus Ohio
violate retraining order
hide money
too busy
Even if you feel like your divorce case is as solid as granite and your attorney agrees, there are still a number of things that you can do to screw i...
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divorce win
If you live in the City of Columbus or in Franklin County (Gahanna, Grove City, Upper Arlington, Worthington, etc), Ohio, and if you are trying to win...
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follow rules
  Local Rule 23 (Judge Fuller is a stickler about this…) If your divorce case will be taking place in Delaware, Ohio then you need to know the best pr...
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break agreement
So your ex agreed to a settlement in an Ohio court, but now is backing out? This can be a major problem and it can be extremely stressful to deal with...
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Divorces can be an extremely stressful life event. This is because they disrupt the security, routines, and general comfort that two partners have whe...
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hiding lawyer
If you are fed up with your attorney, and if you want to stop working with him or her, then you are allowed to. In Ohio, you need to do to fire your a...
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fired client shocked
Even if you are extremely happy with your divorce attorney, he or she might not be happy with you. If you do certain things that your attorney does no...
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court delay man looking at his watch
Sometimes, there is a valid reason why one spouse or the other may need or request a continuance in divorce proceedings. Do you like in or around Colu...
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What to do When Your Child Refuses to Visit the Other Parent
visit kids dad
mother daughter field
teddy bear girl

dad asks daughter
mother son talk
group of teens on ground
teen angst
dad friendly visit
girls share
happy coparents daughter

You spent a long time getting your shared parenting plan hammered out so that both you and your ex were satisfied with it. Or maybe you had a protract...
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How and When Do I Change My Divorce Decree?

divorce arguing
divorce change
divorce foreclosure
divorce job loss
divorce father custody

divorce moving
divorce conversation
divorce mistake

divorce guidelines
divorce disabled
divorce sad child
divorce be prepared
divorce court

Change is an inevitable part of life. Even after your divorce and parenting plan is finalized, things happen. Living expenses change, children ge...
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relieved woman
negotiations couple
no divorce
vintage couple plays tug of war
queens trial
divorce today
absent spouse
incompatible couple
stressful court
modern tug of war

erase anull
reconcile couple
Ohio Divorce Complaint - 42 Day to Respond
couple has grown apart
dissolution agreement
ohio map usa
asset division in divorce - keys to home and car
negotiate spousal support
coparenting child
happy divorce outcome

What happens if a divorce complaint goes unaswered? Usually if one spouse files for divorce, the other spouse jumps in to make sure his or her competi...
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The Financial Reality of Divorce
man credit report
woman documents

asset pig
weighing debt
bank account
saving money
bankruptcy couple
brankruptcy woman
before during after
post bankruptcy divorce court
spousal support balance

child support
tax shock
split household
need lawyer
other fees

You have just one pie . Now you have to split it between the two of you. Odds are you’re both going to be worse off financially after you divorce. But...
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change coming

divorce cash
negotiate divorce agreement
prenup agreement
understanding ohio
spousal support
child yellow coat
child support cut outs
single mother
ohio 3d
economic data
health care
child support payments
childcare boy
parenting time

If you have a child with someone, whether you are married or not, you now have legal and financial responsibilities to this child. This will remain tr...
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