Divorce Attorney Knows What You Are Facing

Jack Carney-DeBord, Worthington, Ohio Divorce Attorney at Jack’s Law Office knows what Worthington, Ohio residents face when they need a divorce. He has written a guide to divorce that can help you every step of the way—from choosing a divorce attorney to the successful conclusion of your case.

As Carney-DeBord notes in his book, you need to know upfront about how divorce cases work in the legal world. Divorce cases are lawsuits just like any other legal matter and are slow-moving, expensive and difficult to understand. 

To avoid pitfalls, Carney-DeBord suggests you read his guide to divorce right at the beginning—before taking any other step, including hiring an attorney.

When you read the guide book, you will learn a systematic approach to hiring the Worthington, Ohio divorce attorney that is right for you, one who can handle your case in the best and speediest way possible to get you through your divorce and on to a better life.

There are many reasons why taking a case through the court is time-consuming.

Here are a few:

  • There may be continuances. Continuances are when the court date is canceled.
  • Cancellations can be for many reasons – the magistrate went homesick, the other attorney has a previous engagement, etc. The bigger the court system, the more chance for delays.
  • Expect the court hearing to be delayed or conducted in what seems like a relatively inefficient manner. You may end up just sitting out in the hallway of the courthouse the entire time. (Keep your cool. Bring a book, crossword puzzle or work to do. It will take time.)
  • Once the trial is over, most often the court will not make a decision about your case that day. Most people do not realize that. The judge or magistrate ends the trial and then takes their notes, all evidence, testimony, and exhibits and puts them away until they are ready to write a decision. This could take weeks or months – and you will not know when it will happen.

Don’t panic and keep your frustration in check. The legal process has always been slow. There is a reason why these cases take so long. Divorce issues are important and should not be rushed.

If your goal is to terminate your marriage, change your life, and ensure that your voice will be heard, you need the right information and advice to help you make good decisions. To get off to the best possible start, begin by ordering your copy of Divorce Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord's comprehensive guide to divorce right away.

It’s a roadmap to the journey you are about to take and will prevent you from veering off course along the way.

Worried about how much it will cost to settle your case?

Take the guesswork out of divorce fees. Click here to learn more.

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