What a Woman Can Expect in an Ohio Dissolution Hearing

If you are a woman and have had your dissolution paperwork done for a while, and now it’s time for your hearing, you may be wondering what to expect during the hearing. There are some relatively simple questions that the judge or magistrate will ask you during it.

  1. Have you been a resident of the state of Ohio for 6 months and a resident in the county where your case is presiding for 90 days? Answers to both of these questions should be yes.
  2. Have you read the terms of the separation agreement? Do you understand the terms? The separation agreement is the contract that outlines what you and he both get.
  3. Do you agree to abide by the terms? Answer should be yes.
  4. Do you want counsel? You have probably waived your right to counsel by signing a paper in the file already, but you will be asked again. So, you should say no to wanting counsel and yes to waiving your right to counsel.
  5. Are you pregnant? If you are, that puts a stop to all proceedings, because the court would need to determine what they are doing about that potential child: who’s the father, custody, etc. Don’t be embarrassed when they ask you – they ask it in every case.
  6. Do you want your name changed? You do not need to do it separately, you can do it within the terms of the separation agreement.

These are examples of a few of the questions the judge or magistrate will ask. The hearing is usually a very quick process. This is often a very emotional time, so having an idea of what to expect beforehand can be very beneficial.

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