Understanding Divorce Attorney Options: A Guide

Divorce Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord has been dispensing legal advice since 1991. However, he has been coaching people as an athletic coach (Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, college and youth teams) for over 30 years. This is what gives Carney-DeBord his unique perspective on divorce.

His goal is to prepare you and your case, educate you on what probably will and will not happen and complete the job – all with your best interests first in mind. It is his goal to help you change your life. It will not be easy – there is “No Easy Way,” but Carney-DeBord sees his law firm has a team of coaches anxiously waiting to help you. He wants to get you across that divorce finish line with your fair share.

To get you off on the right track, Carney-DeBord has written a guide to divorce that will help you avoid pitfalls. It’s full of practical advice and information about what you can expect as you pursue a divorce action.

  • One of your first goals is to choose an attorney. Here are some questions you should ask about a law firm or attorney you are considering hiring.
  • Is the attorney attracting divorce cases or are divorce cases only one of 10 different kinds of cases that the attorney is seeking (real estate, corporate, worker’s compensation, criminal, estates, wills, etc.)?
  • Does the attorney have the experience that your type of case deserves?
  • Has the attorney ever handled a tough case, overcome adversity and prevailed for their client?
  • With whom in the attorney’s office will you be dealing? The attorney or an attorney you have never met? (Or, maybe a paralegal, a case management specialist or a jack-of-all-trades who just happens to answer the phone.)

As Carney-DeBord says in his book, “It is at our darkest moments that we are most vulnerable and that we need the most trusted of advice.” For advice and information ranging from how you should prepare for your first meeting with an attorney to what to expect in the courtroom, this guide to divorce will give you the trusted advice and information you need.

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