Tips for Women for Dissolution in Columbus, Ohio

If you are a woman trying to prepare for your dissolution hearing in Columbus, Ohio, you are probably wondering what to expect during the hearing.

This may be especially true if you do not have a divorce attorney. Here are some of the questions the judge or magistrate will ask you during the hearing:

  1. Have you been a resident of Ohio for 6 months?
  2. Have you been a resident of the county that is presiding over your case for 90 days? Answers to both of these questions should be yes.
  3. Have you read the separation agreement and understand it? The separation agreement is the contract which lists the terms of the dissolution. You should confirm that you have read and understand the agreement and its terms.
  4. Do you agree to follow the terms outlined in the separation agreement? This answer should be yes as well.
  5. Do you understand that you are not being represented by an attorney (if you don’t have one) and that you have waived this right? Within your paperwork, you probably already waived your right to an attorney by signing a paper that says so. Your answer should be yes, that you have waived your right.
  6. Are you pregnant? This question may sound surprising, but it is necessary because it would put a stop to all proceedings. The court would need to find out who the father is, the custody situation, and other information regarding the child.
  7. Would you like to change your name? If you would like to change your name, you do not have to do it as a separate process – you can do this within the terms of the separation agreement.

The hearing tends to be a short process, as not very many questions are asked, and they only require yes or no answers. Knowing what to expect beforehand can help you be prepared and stay calm for your Columbus, Ohio dissolution hearing.

If you do have an attorney, they can help prepare you as well.

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