What Does the Term "Discovery" Mean in My Delaware, Ohio Divorce Case

The term "discovery" refers to the process whereby your Delaware, Ohio divorce lawyer sends the opposing attorney (and vice versa) questions (legally known as interrogatories) about the case, requests documents (referred to as a Request for Production of Documents) and/or admissions (questions that require yes or no answers).

If you do not respond in a timely manner, answers may be considered admitted which would make the process more difficult.

Therefore, schedule an appointment with your Delaware, Ohio divorce attorney as soon as you can to review your answers for the interrogatories. Keep in mind some questions will not apply to your case - let your attorney know if a question does not apply. When you are reviewing the interrogatories, you can pencil in the answers you know right away.

In terms of the document requests, you may have to gather certain documents from your bank or IRS. Go ahead and get a head start. If your spouse has the documents, inform your attorney, so they can mark the paperwork accordingly. Don't worry, your spouse is doing the same with their lawyer as well.

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