What To Know Before You Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

A divorce in Ohio usually comes at the end of a long, difficult road of trials, compromise, and hardships. If you're going to tell your spouse you want a divorce in Ohio, you'll likely want to first speak with an Ohio divorce attorney who can help explain what lies ahead, including all the procedures for a contested divorce.

Preparation Before You Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce in Ohio

While you may have thought about filing for a divorce in Ohio for a long time, the news may come as a shock to your spouse. You should brace yourself for how your spouse may react when you break the news and discuss your situation with an Ohio divorce attorney to prepare yourself before bringing up the subject. It's hard to prepare for everything that can happen when you tell your spouse you want a divorce.

There are several common responses spouses may have when divorce in Ohio becomes inevitable:

    • Guilt - Some spouses react by laying guilt-inducing accusations on you, such as poor parenting or selfishness. Come prepared with calm responses to hurtful comments and avoid succumbing to guilt.
    • Promises to change - A spouse often will make dramatic promises to change in the face of divorce in Ohio, especially in the case of drug or alcohol addiction. Display empathy but maintain your confidence and resolve.
    • Anger - A spouse's feelings of fear and uncertainty when his or her spouse asks for a divorce often becomes transmuted into anger. Avoid unnecessary hurtful statements to avoid anger flare-ups and seek immediate help if you feel imminent physical danger.

When filing for a divorce in Ohio, especially a contested divorce, having an Ohio divorce attorney on your side is an incalculable asset and helps things run more smoothly. Contact your Ohio divorce attorney to walk you through the ins and outs of divorce in Ohio and help you prepare to tell your spouse you want a divorce.

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