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After over twenty years experience as a Divorce Attorney in the Sunbury, Ohio area, I have learned that most people who find it necessary to seek divorces are fraught with emotions.

Divorce is painful and stressful. When you are involved in such a painful, stressful situation you need the best advice you can get.

Our goal at Jack’s Law office is to be your 100% advocate to terminate your marriage and get you on the way to a new life. We provide you with the type of representation you want and deserve.

You may not realize it, but divorces are far more complicated than just filing the divorce lawsuit, eventually showing up in a courtroom and having a judge tell you it’s all over. Before you ever get to that courtroom, there’s a lot that must be done and you need a great attorney to work with you to accomplish.

All of those preliminaries and to help you reach the optimal level of preparation.

At Jack’s Law Office, we have a guidebook we prepared for our clients to help them understand the process, step by step from beginning to end.

Worried about how much it will cost to settle your case?

Take the guesswork out of divorce fees. Click here to learn more.

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