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After over twenty years of experience as a divorce attorney in the Sunbury area, I have learned that most people who find it necessary to seek divorces are fraught with emotions.

Divorce is painful and stressful. When you are involved in such a painful, stressful situation you need the best advice you can get. Our goal at Jack’s Law office is to be your 100% advocate to terminate your marriage and get you on the way to a new life.

We provide you with the type of representation you want and deserve.

You may not realize it, but divorces are far more complicated than just filing the divorce lawsuit, eventually showing up in a courtroom and having a judge tell you it’s all over. Before you ever get to that courtroom, there’s a lot that must be done and you need a great attorney to work with you to accomplish all those preliminaries and to help you reach the optimal level of preparation.

At Jack’s Law Office, we have a guidebook we prepared for our clients to help them understand the process, step by step from beginning to end, but let me just give you a small sampling of things the attorney will do along with you—things the attorney can’t do on his own—the two of you must work together hand in hand.
1. Prepare your pleadings. (These are the actual issues that must be adjudicated by the court and may include everything from who will possess the antique china to Child Support. The attorney must interview you extensively to know what those pleadings are going to be.)

2. Prepare and file for temporary orders. (Who is going to drive the truck until the divorce suit goes to court? Will the children remain with one parent or visit back and forth? How much time will they spend with each parent?) Temporary orders are very important because they may stand for the length of the divorce procedure and you cannot predict in advance exactly how long that will be.

3. Help you compute your marital balance sheet and discuss possible scenarios for equitable division of property between you and your spouse.

4. Prepare you for your court appearance.

5. Have the winning argument so you can walk away with your fair share of marital assets.

Since you and your attorney will be collaborating on all this work, your attorney must be someone you can like and trust. Remember, we at Jack’s Law Office advocate 100% for our clients. What is good for you is good for us.

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