Preparing Documents for the Dissolution of Your Marriage in Ohio - Part B2

The Documents You'll Need to Create for Dissolution in Ohio

Just gathering the many documents needed for the dissolution of your marriage in Ohio may seem overwhelming. Add to that the array of documents you'll have to create and you'll soon realize your need for an Ohio divorce attorney.
According to divorce laws in Ohio, since dissolution is a no-fault ground for divorce, you don't have to provide a timeline of your marital breakdown or a list of people who can testify.

But even so, you and your Ohio divorce attorney will have your work cut out for you. This is because divorce laws in Ohio will call for property distribution, child custody, and spousal support to be considered throughout your proceedings. To aid in this process, you'll need to essentially lay out every detail of everything you own.

This means you and your Ohio divorce attorney will have to create lists of:

  • the property you own;
  • debts you owe;
  • belongings in your house;
  • items in safe deposit boxes;
  • items in storage units;
  • items that are yours (not your spouse's);
  • items you inherited;
  • items that are your spouse's (not yours); and
  • items your spouse inherited.

In order to fairly divide property or account for potential spousal or child support, divorce laws in Ohio also call for a detailed budget. This will cover everything you needed over the last year and will form the basis of your temporary or ongoing spousal support.

Just because your divorce in Ohio is not contested does not necessarily make it easy. Having an Ohio divorce attorney to help you throughout the process can keep your case on track so you can move on with your life that much faster.

Contacting an Ohio Divorce Attorney

Finding and creating all the documents you need for dissolution in Ohio can be extremely confusing without legal help. Seeking dissolution in Ohio is often a more economical and faster approach to ending a marriage than a contested divorce.

If you choose dissolution in Ohio, a divorce attorney in Delaware, Ohio from Jack's Law Office can help you navigate the end of your marriage to protect your best interests and prevent you from violating any divorce laws in Ohio.

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