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Choosing a Divorce Lawyer With Your Interests In Mind


Call and set up an interview with two or three divorce lawyers. Bring your list of questions and ask them one at a time. Get a feel for the office and staff. Will you be comfortable? Who will you be working with? Has the divorce lawyer had cases like this before? Also, during this interview, ask to see a ‘trial notebook', so you can see how well organized he or she is. Get an clear understanding of attorney's fees. Ask about ‘retainers', ‘travel costs', ‘experts', ‘appraisers', and how each is paid. Ask if the divorce lawyer can show you a sample bill - we do this for our clients - to see how a simple phone call can turn into a $50 or $100 expense, or how a trip to court can be a $700 expense. Compare notes on each office visit. 

TIP: FREE CONSULTATIONS v. FREE REPORTS: After 18 years in this business, I am not real impressed with free consults and since the launching of our web site we no longer offer them. I would rather put the answers to your questions on our web site and then give you the opportunity to study those answers at your own time and convenience by the reading of a report. That way we both gain. And, if you have a topic that you cannot find a report that answers your questions; then just email the office and I will write one for you and post it on the web site.

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