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My Divorce is Taking Too Long. What Can I Do?

My Divorce is Taking Too Long. What Can I Do?

Do you feel as though your divorce is taking too long to get through the courts? Each couple’s situation is unique, so the total time it takes for a divorce to be finalized will vary. Several factors come into play—the exact amount depends on whether the divorce is uncontested or contested, the amount of marital property and whether there are any minor children involved. Dissolution or no-fault divorces with no children and few assets are usually resolved quicker than contested divorces, which must go through the court.

gavel and ringsThe average uncontested divorce or dissolution takes six months. The average contested divorce can take a year or more. The amount of time varies depending on the judge, the county courts, the local caseload and how cooperative the spouses are willing to be with each other.

Don't just sit there feeling helpless, there are many things you can do in the meantime.

1. First and foremost, keep a log of any important developments. Court systems are packed with cases; due to limited budgets, many courts do not have the technology or staffing to process things quickly.  "Hurry up and wait" is the usual motto of the domestic court.

2. Be respectful of the attorney and the office staff and they will work harder for you. Just because nothing seems to be going on with your case doesn't mean that your attorney and his staff are doing nothing for you behind the scenes. Each case has a heartbeat, and sometimes it is beating faster than others. This is a good time to follow up with any discovery that you have received or sent to the court as well as provide any updates to your attorney.

3. If you're asking for custody or shared parenting, demonstrate to your attorney and others concrete ways that your child comes first. This shows your real desire to have custody. Be the facilitator in a custody case, it makes you look good to the court and more importantly, shows your children support during a difficult time.

4. If possible, stay out of other romantic relationships during the divorce proceedings. If you do happen to have already involved in a new relationship, keep things low-key. Don't move in with each other or spend large amounts of money on vacations or items. This will make you look bad to others and can possibly be used against you during the divorce proceedings.

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