Impatient About Your Pending Divorce? Here's What You Can Do Now

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My Divorce has been pending from 2-6 months: What should be happening? What should I do? Why is everything so slow?

1. First and foremost, keep a log of any important developments. Court systems are packed with cases; many courts don't have the latest technology due to limited budgets and are usually understaffed. ‘Hurry up and wait' is the usual motto of a domestic court.

2. Be respectful of the attorney and the office staff, as they will work harder for you. Just because nothing seems to be going on with the case-the timing of your case may not deem your case any workup at the time-saves money! Each case has a heartbeat, and sometimes it is beating faster than others. Follow up with the discovery that you have received or sent, and provide any updates to your attorney.

3. If you're asking for custody or shared parenting, demonstrate to your attorney concrete ways that your child comes first for you. This shows your real desire to have custody. Be the vacillator in a custody case - it makes you look good to the court. However, don't micromanage the case - if you want to be a lawyer, go to law school. Let the attorney do his job.

4. Sell your house if you can, but only if you know that neither party wants or can afford the house. The market is the pits, so work hard to deal with the house early in the case. Note that you will have to have your restraining order modified to do so.

5. If possible, stay out of other relationships during the divorce proceedings. You don't want to find that your new marriage is invalid because the divorce hasn't been finalized yet. If you happen to have a (different) significant other, don't go to Vegas and spend $10,000. That is improper and a sharp attorney will want an accounting of what was spent and money returned.

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