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Important Things To Keep In Mind After Hiring a Divorce Attorney

So I have just hired my divorce attorney: What do I do next?

  • Get your paperwork in line and or your responses if your spouse has filed a lawsuit (divorce) against you.'
  • Check the court's docket (schedule of cases) online. Maybe your spouse has already sued you.
  • Don't be upset by boilerplate (usual and customary language that is in a legal document) language that says you are guilty of "gross neglect of duty, etc". That is standard in just about all filings.
  • Read your spouse's pleadings. Ask questions about what each paragraph and filing means.
  • Check the paperwork with your divorce attorney that has been filed against you; check closely the financial affidavit of your spouse. Look for disappearing assets and demand an accounting of where the asset has disappeared to.
  • Be realistic. Listen to the divorce attorney. If the attorney says that according the child support worksheet that you are going to pay or receive a certain amount of support-that is probably what it is going to be unless there is some extraordinary situation.
  • Get your finances in order. Pay attention to detail. Check a credit report.
  • Learn about mediation and talk to your attorney about the mediation process. Mediation is alternative way of resolving your case without court intervention. It is usually cheaper and quicker. Ask about it-I am a certified divorce mediator myself.
  • If you have a long term marriage-ask the attorney to discuss the spousal support factors. Get a copy of the factors and provide feedback.
  • Don't use a CPO (civil protection order) to try and get custody of your kids just because you want a divorce; use a CPO for safety and security issues and then file for divorce.
  • A GAL (guardian ad litem) represents the interests of the child or children. The GAL will interview the children, the parents and other significant persons involved in the kid's lives. The GAL will later make recommendations to the court about what would be the in the kids' best interests.
  • Anticipate the need for a GAL. Talk to your attorney about some individuals who serve in that role and might be helpful to your case. Ask about costs of the GAL and who pays.
  • Get in control of the attorney fees by asking and or reviewing your bill after 30-45 days.

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