Do you need expert advice while considering divorce?

It’s unfortunate, but about half of the American married population will get divorced. Not exactly the scenario you pictured on your wedding day, is it?

Divorce Attorney Jack Carney-DeBord has written a book for people who are considering divorce in the state of Ohio. This straightforward guide gives information you will need about the divorce process.

It should be read before you choose an attorney, because, as Jack explains in his book, choosing the right attorney is the most important thing you can do as you are considering divorce with the fewest problems and the most satisfactory conclusion possible.

In his book, Jack has compiled everything he has learned from more than twenty years of experience handling divorce cases. His target audience is anyone considering a divorce, which is always a difficult situation.

Knowing that every single person who has come to him to seek a divorce has had an urgent need for answers and a desire to just “get this done,” Jack wrote his book to aid those going through this deeply intense and personal experience.

Years of anger, pent up frustration and negative emotions cloud the normal thinking process and judgment. Jack has commented that it is at our darkest moments that we are most vulnerable and that we need the most trusted advice—the kind of advice Jack offers in his guidebook for those considering divorce.

Here is some of what you will find in Carney-DeBord’s book:

  • Help, guidance, and information to empower you to make sound decisions.
  • Clear, simple, honest answers, to questions unleashed by your divorce case.
  • Information to enable you to understand the legal process and know what you will be up against.
  • Suggestions for finding support professionals and groups.
  • How to choose the most important member of your support team—your team leader, divorce coach and advocate in court, your attorney. 

For all the information you need to face the daunting prospect and procedures of divorce and be on your way to getting your life back on track, get your copy of Jack’s book before you take another step.

You will be glad you took the extra time to find out what you should be doing as you're considering divorce instead of trying to make these highly important decisions without the benefit of Jack’s excellent advice.

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