Mt. Gilead, Ohio Area Attorney Focuses on Final Outcome of your Divorce

Mt. Gilead Ohio Divorce Attorney

At Jack’s Law Office, our divorce strategy focuses on the end result. Our goal is to help people in your area—in and around Mt. Gilead, Ohio—terminate your marriage. But more importantly, we want to help you change your life.

We will empower you with information and advice so that you can make good decisions, ensure that your voice will be heard, advocate 100% for your side of the story and coach you through the entire process from beginning to end.

If you choose Jack’s Law Office to handle your divorce in Mt. Gilead, Ohio we will begin by having a conference with you at which we will ask a number of questions. You should answer truthfully so that we will have the knowledge we need to proceed with your case. The important points we will be looking for are these:

  • how long you have been married
  • what happened and did not happen during the marriage
  • your income and employment situation
  • your children
  • why you are in the situation you are in

Jack’s Law Office will ask you to provide us with the information to fill out the necessary legal forms. In divorce court, there are numerous forms that need to be filled out and filled out correctly. Our clients receive these forms right up front so we can start gathering information.

We will work together with you to get your “pleadings” in order. (Pleadings are the matters to be settled by the court.)

We will pay close attention to your needs as we prepare requests for temporary orders because temporary orders may well stand for the entire length of the divorce process.

On the day we finally go to court to have your case heard, we will confer with your spouse’s attorney. We will ask that you listen to what we have to say about the position of the other side. We will have discussed that before even getting into court, so there should be no shock value.

Together, we will develop a response. As your attorney, I will write down your decisions and take them back to the other side. If progress is being made, there will be a lot of back and forth. This negotiation process can go for hours or even all day until either you or your spouse bends. Be flexible and bring all of the patience you can muster.

If you cannot settle the case, you should still be alright because, being well prepared, you know what is going to happen next. Our court strategy will be to wear a white hat. This theory is all part of what makes up the winning argument. I try to have the winning argument in every case. We will look to compromise, but with determination not to settle for less than 50% unless for good reason.

The step-by-step approach we take with your divorce case leaves nothing to chance. By preparing for each phase long before it comes up, we can take the time to complete each process in such a way that you will have the best opportunity for a satisfactory conclusion to your divorce suit.

Worried about how much it will cost to settle your case?

Take the guesswork out of divorce fees. Click here to learn more.

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